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Our head injury survival guidebook
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 "TBI 2000 From Survival to Discovery: Living with Brain Injury in the Community"  A Presentation made to the 1999 National Interagency TBI Conference TBI in the 21st Century: Learning From Models of Research and Service Delivery National Institutes of Health Bethesda, MD, December 3, 1999

 "MTBI Rehabilitation: The Patients Perspective" A Presentation made to the Consensus Development  Conference on Rehabilitation of Persons with Traumatic Brain Injury National Institutes of Health Bethesda, MD, October 27, 1998 

Consultant to a group of Neurosurgeons, in the production of a telemedicine course on Stroke entitled "Brain Attack," Scottsdale, AZ 1997

Assisted the American Academy of Neurology the NFL and NHL design guidelines for diagnosing and treating concussion in sports, 1996. 

Designed and delivered, hour-long presentations 
on TBI for the following organizations:

Children's Orthopedic Hosp, Odessa Brown Clinic. In-service "Recognizing it when you see itl Mild TBI the invisible disability." Seattle, WA, 03/02 

 TBI Resource Fair, sponsored by the U of WA TBI Rehab Program, the U of WA TBI Model Program, and the Brain Injury Assoc of WA,  presentation on "Advocacy" 10/01

Oregon Head Injury Foundation, Annual Conference, presentation on 'TBI Survival: The Patients Perspective," 6/89

Survivors Council, National Head Injury Foundation, presentation on "Self-advocacy," Crystal City, VA, 6/88

University of Washington Emergency Room Staff, presentation on "TBI Survival:  The Patients Perspective," Seattle, WA, 11/87

Eastside Mental Health, Self-esteem Workshop for the head injury day treatment  program participants at in Bellevue, Washington, 10/87

New Medico, TBI Rehab Program, Patient Education Workshop, "Rebuilding Self-esteem Following Traumatic Brain Injury," Seattle, WA, 10/87

Providence Medical Center, Patients and Family Education, "Coping With TBI,"   Everett, WA, 5/87

Providence Medical Center, Head Injury Rehabilitation staff, "The Long Term Effects  of TBI," Everett, WA, 4/87

Washington State Social Workers Association., "The Long Term Effects of  TBI," Bellingham, WA , 3/87

"Thank you for your recent letter and copy of your head injury survivors guidebook From The Ashes. I have heard a number of patients mention this book and was pleased to have an opportunity to read it and add it to my library. I am also pleased and impressed with all your accomplishments and efforts in this area. I am very honored to be asked to write the forward to the 2nd edition of From The Ashes. As you know, I am working as a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist, this book is an excellent blend of the two areas. Thanks again for the opportunity to be part of your literary effort." DBC., Ph.D., Sea., WA
"On behalf of the American Academy of Neurology and the Brain Injury Association, we would like to thank you again for your endorsement of the guidelines on managing concussion in sports. Your involvement and support is critical in helping us reach the people who would most benefit from this information." SPR, MD, Minn., MN 
"Thank you for your participation in the first virtual conference on Brain Attack. Lets stay in touch." JEB, MD, Pittsburgh, PA
"Thanks for your help on our series on head injury ." BS, Nashville Banner 
"Thanks for your help on my story about head injury." AW, ABC News
"Thanks for your help, enclosed is a copy of the story." AB, Chicago Tribune
"Thank you so much for all of your support, encouragement and belief in me. Your information and referrals made a huge difference." KD, PT, Fed Way, WA 
"Thank you for making yourself available to my patients." KG, SP, Sea, WA
"Heartfelt thanks for making yourself available to head injured people like me." PT
"Thank you for a very interesting and informative seminar." MB, Seattle, WA
"Thank you for being there, you really understand head injury." GB, Ventura , CA
"Thank you for your empathetic and patient counseling." CA, Mercer Island, WA 
"Thanks for the copy of your book, when I got home I read it cover to cover, non-stop. Since then I refer to it often, it has become my bible." SK, Seattle, WA
"Thank God I read your guide From The Ashes, it helped me realize that I may be a normal person after all. After my head injury my life became pure hell, your book saved my life." JAE, DDS, WA


Head Injury Hotline:  Providing Difficult to Find Information about Head Injury Since 1985 
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Copyright © 1998 Head Injury Hotline