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What we do?  With more than1 million  hits per month, we are the busiest site of its kind. 

        Each day headinjury.com  reaches thousands of individuals and families seeking help from professionals like you.  Clearly, your presence on  headinjury.com will give you greater access to this unique population. Place your corporate banner on headinjury.com and reap the following benefits. 

  • Banners enable potential customers to find and do business with you. 
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  • Banner provide instant " point and click" access to your firm. 
  • Banners direct your message to an audience with a known interest in your products and/or services. 
The educational and charitable programs of Brain Injury Resource Center are made possible by the generous support of its individual and corporate, donors and sponsors. 

Your sponsorship is prominently acknowledged in full color banners or TEXT LINKS that display your corporate information. We have a plan to fit every budget. e-mail, or 206-621-8558.

What's in it for you?. Aside from the obvious benefits of supporting a non-profit, tax-exempt, community-based organization. You get to place your corporate information where it will be seen by ever growing numbers of  potential clients.

        Each year,  more than a million  new casualties join the legions of  families whose lives have been changed by brain injury.  Every month, thousands of them turn to headinjury.com. Currently, our site receives more than 1,000,000 (1 million) hits per month. 

Our mission is to improve access to information and services for individuals with brain injury, their families, and the professionals who serve them. We provide information on all aspects of brain injury, from the point of initial injury throughout the life span of the individual.

       This site is designed to help visitors understand how daily routines and life in general may be affected by brain injury. Headinjury.com  was designed to support individuals with brain injury and their families. We help them create  compensatory systems, we teach them how to use them, and we show them how to monitor how well they are working. Additionally, we provide practical suggestions for gathering information and developing effective action plans for creating and maintaining a satisfying and productive lifestyle in spite of brain injury. Additionally, professionals and paraprofessionals rely on headinjury.com as a valuable resource for their clients.

How we do it. We get involved in policy making at the highest levels. We network with other brain injury groups, and we keep current of medical / legal advances. Then, with help and guidance of our medical / legal advisors, we pass it along to our visitors.  We do it by education and outreach. Our site is the biggest and best of its kind. Headinjury.com is promoted through mass media, web postings, e-newsletter, and word of mouth. 

Ubiquity... is key to our success. We have links on hundreds of related sited all over the web

Marketing & Outreach. Our creative marketing and outreach strategies assures the continued prominence of headinjury.com.  We consistently place in the top 10 of search engine results. Such strategies guarantee a steady flow of  potential clients to your site. 

Benefits Of  Sponsorship.  Banners help you stand out in the crowd! We maintain more than 1300 links on headinjury.com. Clearly, banners enhance your corporate visibility in such a crowded field.

        Your firm's presence on headinjury.com gives potential clients instant "point & click" access to your corporate message. Sponsors  receive  prominent acknowledgment on headinjury.com.

    The acknowledgments include your organization's name, logo, telephone, and hyperlink to your web site. Thousands of potential clients, each day will have instant "point & click" access to your information. 

   Click here for information on banner specifications and requirements.  We have a plan to fit every budget. e-mail, or 206-621-8558.

       Your investment and support will help preserve high quality information services for headinjury.com visitors. Additionally, it will insure that our visitors have instant access to your information. Take advantage of this tremendous opportunity, call today, 206-621-8558.

Individual (non-corporate) sponsors who donate $500 or more per year can choose to have their donations acknowledged in the form of banners on our site. Such banners may advertise your business or personal message.

     Memorial banners are free, but donations are encouraged.


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