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Clinical Trial -- Sleep Study
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A clinical research study is now enrolling people with a past head injury who feel sleepy during the day.
Many people with a head injury may feel sleepy during the day, even if the injury happened years ago. Researchers are inviting those with a head injury who feel sleepy during the day to take part in a clinical study. This study will assess how well a study medicine works for people who feel sleepy during the day as a result of head injury.
 To qualify, you must: 
o Be age 18 to 65 
o Have had 1 head injury in the past 10 years 
o Feel sleepy or tired 5 or more days a week on average 
o Be willing to take tests and medicine for 12 weeks
o Be available to sleep overnight in a sleep lab 5 times
 If you qualify: 
o You may learn more about your sleep patterns 
o You will receive study-related medical care and study medicine at no cost 
o You may or may not benefit from study medicine 
o Compensation for time and travel may also be provided
Make the connection today
Call: 1.877.674.6316 or Click: www.HeadSleepStudy.org


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