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       Shaken baby syndrome occurs when a baby is violently shaken, thrown, or slammed, causing the baby's head to move forward and backward rapidly. This movement causes the brain to hit the sides of the skull forcefully, leading to bleeding in the eyes and injury and bleeding in the brain. Brain injury and bleeding can cause increased pressure in the brain. Increased pressure in the brain can lead to serious, permanent brain damage. Babies who have trouble breathing or who stop breathing during an episode of being shaken, slammed, or thrown may have more brain damage.

The resources and services on this page are designed to help you understand a variety of issues surrounding brain injury due to shaken baby syndrome. Also included are links to additional information and resources.

The Shaken Baby Alliance - PO Box 150734, Ft. Worth, TX 76108 
Telephone: 817-279-1166; email: info@shakenbaby.com
url: http://www.shakenbaby.com
National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome
National Information, Support and Referral Service on 
Shaken Baby Syndrome Child Abuse Prevention Center
2955 Harrison Blvd., Ste 102, Ogden, Utah 84403 - 
Telephone: 801-627-3399 Ext.107 Toll-free: 888-273-0071 
Fax: 801 393-7019 - url: http://www.dontshake.com; 
email: dontshake@mindspring.com
The Matty Eappen Foundation -Au Pair / British Nanny Case1999 -  PO Box 14597, Chicago, IL 60614-0597 Telephone: 312-409-5645
url: http://www.MattyEappen.org/
L&A Publishing/Training - 708 Young Forest Dr, Wake Forest, 
NC 27587. Phone/Fax 919-562-0015
email:  mailto:help@lapublishing.com
url:  http://www.lapublishing.com.
...did you know that April is
National Child Abuse Prevention Month?  Spread the word!

Stop Child Abuse, 298 Hunington St, Eugene, Oregon 97405 

  Family and Child Resources

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