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In memory of 
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Costa Mesa High School, 
Costa Mesa, CA 
In memory of 
49-year-old, head injury survivor
Janet L. McLaughlin, 1954 - 2003
Santa Anna, CA 
In celebration of
09/11/01- Pentagon bombing Survivor 
Wolesha Parker 

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Instructions:  The goal of this page is to improve access to information and services for individuals with brain injury, their families, and the professionals who serve them. This page provides information on and links to resources and services from the point of initial injury throughout the life span of the individual. Each section addresses specific issues and is followed by links to additional information and resources. Questions, comments? Feedback

Assistive Services Devices & Information Technology
Medicare Supplement Insurance  -- Seniors covered by Medicare and able to increase their health insurance with Medicare supplemental insurance. Compare rates and find plans in your area.
Final Expense Insurance-- Compare burial insurance policies and find peace of mind in preplanning your final expenses. Compare rates today. http://www.burialinsurance.org
How to Make Insurance Companies Pay Your Claims and What to Do If They Don't - by William M. Shernoff, Ralph Nader, Ruth Chew -- Step-by-step guidance in making a claim and collecting from the insurance companies that refuse to pay legitimate claims. 
AbilityHub -- Assistive Technology related web site for people with a disability who find operating a computer difficult, maybe even impossible. url: http://www.abilityhub.com/
Able Project -- Empowers people with disabilities, and care providers, to locate mobility and assistive devices - 
Telephone: 408-265-9303 - url: http://www.ableproject.org
Alliance for Public Technology (APT) -- The Alliance for Public Technology (APT) is a nonprofit membership organization based in Washington, DC. Membership is open to all nonprofit organizations and individuals, not members of the affected industries, concerned with fostering access to affordable and useful information and communication services and technologies by all people. url:  http://www.apt.org/
Alliance for Technology Access (ATA) -- The ATA is a national network of non profit technology resource centers and technology vendors.  url:  http://www.ataccess.org/
Aquila Corp - Manufacturer of automatic alternating pressure wheelchair cushions.url: http://www.aquilacorp.com/
Assistive Technologies Alliance  -- ATRC / University of Washington -- P.O. Box 357920, Seattle, WA 98195-7920 Telephone: 206-685-6836 (V/TTY), 800-214-8731 V/TTY. Assistive technologies for the disabled. Offers programs, electronic networking and information,  forums, and an exchange for AT devices. url: http://http://watap.org/
Assistive Technology Industry Association -- links and information.Telephone: 877-687-2842; 847-869-1282 - url: http://www.atia.org  (US & Canada)
AT&T Bell Laboratories Voices -- url: http://www.research.att.com/
BitLaw: A Resource on Technology Law -- This web-site is a comprehensive Internet Resource on Technology Law, containing over 1800 pages on patent, copyright, trademark, and Internet legal issues. 
url: http://www.bitlaw.com/index.html 
Bungalow Software -- provides treatment software for the neurological rehabilitation of patients suffering from: aphasia (aphasic patients), CVA, TBI, CHI.  Free trial copies downloadable. url: http://www.bungalowsoftware.com
Capper Foundation --Founded in 1920 by Senator Arthur Capper to provide services for children with physical disabilities. A premier resource for serving, educating and training children with physical disabilities, their teachers and families. url: http://www.capper.org/
Computer Access Center (CAC) -- Serves people of all ages with disabilities of all kinds and provide a place to try both hardware and software solutions that will allow them to use the computer. url: http://www.cac.org/
Center for Applied Special Technology  -- CAST is an educational, not-for-profit organization that uses technology to expand opportunities for people with disabilities through innovative uses of computer technology. url:  http://www.cast.org
Closing the Gap -- Provides information on thousands of assistive technology products including price, descriptions, and the manufactures contact information url:  http://www.closingthegap.com
Disability Resource Directory, Manhattan, Kansas USA -- url:http://www.kansas.net/~cbaslock/index.html
Center for Computer Redistribution, Inc. -- P.O. Box 70001 Richmond, Virginia 23255 supply free personal computers to disabled persons. Our goals include  and social interaction for the disabled through participation on the Internet.  url: http://www.freepcs.org/
Coastline Community College -- Offers a cognitive retraining program for individuals with neuro cognitive disorders such as Traumatic Brain Injury, and/or Acquired Brain Injury. url:  http://coastline.cccd.edu/
Equipoise - Adjustable Seating,  PO Box 253, Kiama NSW 2533, Australia url: http://www.kneelsit.com
We Connect Now is dedicated to uniting people interested in rights and issues affecting people with disabilities, with particular emphasis on college students and access to higher education and employment issues. url: http://weconnectnow.wordpress.com/ 
Extreme Medical - Committed to providing quality, cost effective Pharmaceuticals to patients in the United States at discounted Canadian prices.Telephone: 800-780-4836 url: http://www.extrememedical.com/
Xtreme Medical -Urological Supplies, rehabilitation equipment and disability-related products.  Much of staff is comprised of individuals with disabilities. Telephone: 562-803-9444
url: http://www.xtrememedical.com/
Franklin Medical Supply - Quadriplegic owned and operated. Offers quality medical and rehabilitation products at competitive prices.url:  http://franklinmed.com/html/ 
Telephone: 508-520-1839
Functional Soultions -- Aids to daily living.  - 2509 E. Thousand Oak Blvd. Ste. 430, Thousand Oaks, CA. 91359-5072 -- Telephone: 800-634-4351 - url: http://www.accesstr.com; email: dkrebs@gte.net
IBM Accessibility -- url:  http://www.ibm.com/
Idaho Assistive Technology Project -- Assistive technology information and referrals, includes manufacturers and dealers, funding sources, and service providers url:  http://www.ets.uidaho.edu/idatech/
Internat'l Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication -- 49 The Donway West, Suite 308, Toronto, ON M3C 3M9; Telephone: 416-385-0351;
Fax: 416-385-0352; 
url: -
email: secretariat@isaac-online.org
Job Seeking Skills for People with Disabilities: A Guide to Success - A handbook for service providers to use as a counseling tool, or for individuals with disabilities to use on their own. Provides an overview of the career planning process, including considerations for the applicant with a disability. 
url: http://www.csun.edu/~sp20558/dis/sh.html
Jodi House: Personalized medical identification cards a self help project of this Santa Barbara, CA brain injury clubhouse- 625 Chapala Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 -- Telephone: (805) 563-2882 ext 2
url: http://www.jodihouse.org/ email: cheryl@jodihouse.org 
The JoggerTM enables individuals who suffer from short-term memory loss to manage their own affairs and thus achieve greater independence. url: http://www.thejogger.com
Lighthouse Services, Medical ID Cards - Personalized medical information at your fingertips. Telephone: 410-326-6387 - url: http://www.lighthouseservices.net
email: JudyK@lighthouseservices.net
Medic Alert Foundation --  2323 Colorado Ave. Turlock, CA 95382   Telephone:  209-668-3333  --  Offers Medic Alert bracelets/necklaces, which can inform emergency medical personnel of medical complications. 800-439-8899
Microsoft's Accessibility and Disability page --  url: http://www.microsoft.com/enable/Products/default.aspx
MonTech -- Provides free, confidential information about assistive technology devices and services for Montanans of all ages. url: http://ruralinstitute.umt.edu/
Personal Care Wear - PO BOX 15451, Brooksville, FL 34604 -- Telephone: 352-544-5078; 
url: http://www.personalcarewear.com
Planning and Execution Assistant and Trainer (PEAT) -- 650 Castro St., Ste. 120-197 Mountain View, CA 94041  Telephone: 650-494-2002 Fax: 650-493-2002 -  Attention Control Systems, Inc. e-mail: prefrontal@aol.com -- url: http://www.brainaid.com 
Assistive Services & Resources continued
National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped -- url: http://lcweb.loc.gov/ 
rehabtool.com -- offers a variety of high-tech assistive and adaptive technology products, augmentative and alternative communication devices, computer access equipment, multilingual speech synthesis and voice recognition software. url: http://www.rehabtool.com/
Saddleback College - ABI Program - Special Services and Programs for students with TBI 
url: http://www.saddleback.cc.ca.us/serv/couns/dsps - Telephone:  949-582-4885
Shadowood Software - Web-based appointment scheduler? url: http://www.shadowood.com/readme.php3
State Disabilities Services -- A state-by-state list of services for persons with disabilities from the NASIRE ,which represents state chief information officers. 
url:  http://www.nasire.org/stateSearch/displayCategory.cfm?Category=disabilities 
State Health Departments --Links to health departtments for all 50 states courtesy of WA State Gov.
url:  http://www.doh.wa.gov/Links/links2.htm#State Health Departments 
State Libraries -- Developed in cooperation with the American Library Association (ALA) and the Chief Officers of State Library Agencies (COSLA), this page brings together links to state libraries, state library agencies, state library networks, or state library commissions across the United States. 
Talking Rx --A talking prescription container for the vision-impaired, illiterate, elderly and for those whom English is a second language --url: http://www.talkingrx.com/ Telephone: 860- 426-0542
Time Tool - Free, web based event scheduling / group collaboration software  tool by HBL Industries -- 
url: http://www.hbltimetool.com/ -- email: imetool@hblindustries.com 
Virtual Assistive Technology Center --  Includes free, downloadable software for people with disabilities. 
url:  http://www.at-center.com/ 
U.S. Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board - sole mission is accessibility for individuals with disabilities.  url:   http://www.access-board.gov/
United States Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (USSAAC) -- P.O. Box 5271, Evanston, IL 60204-5271; Telephone: 847-869-2122,  Fax: 847- 869-2161 - email: ussaac@aol.com - 
url:  http://aac.unl.edu/ussaac.html
Viewpoint Mobility -- manufacturer of  the VISION rear entrance lowered floor wheelchair minivan conversion.
url: http://www.viewpointmobility.com/ Telephone: 866-368-6022

Emergency Medical, Personal Mobility & Transit
Aeromedical Ambulance Services, Inc., -- 2700 International Drive Ste. 100, West Chicago, IL 60185 Telephone: 800-823-1911
Air Ambulance Network, -- 905 Martin Luther King Jr., Dr., Suite 330, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689 Telephone: 813-934-3999 -- 800-327-1966 -- FAX: 813-937-0276 
AirLifeLine -- 6133 Freeport Boulevard, Sacramento, California 95822, Telephone: 916-429-2500 - toll free: 800-446-1231 -- Provides air transportation to ambulatory patients in need of financial assistance
Critical Care Medflight -- 500 Briscoe Boulevard,  Lawrenceville, GA 30245 -- Telephone: 800-426-6557
Mercy Medical Airlift: email: mercymed@aol.com -- url: http://www.mercymedical.org
National Patient Air Transport Hotline -- P.O. Box 1940, Manassas, VA 20108-0804 - 
toll free: (800) 296-1217 -- email: npathmsg@aol.com -- url: http://www.npath.org
Pro Flight --12420 East Control Tower Rd., Englewood, CO 80112 -- Telephone: 800-949-5387
see our:  Accreditation Organizations
Personal Mobility & Transit
Able Project -- Empowers people with disabilities, and care providers, to locate mobility and assistive devices -  Telephone: 408-265-9303 - url: http://www.ableproject.org
Article:  ADAPTED VEHICLES:  Paving the Road to Independence [MDA Quest site]  -- by by Lori Hungate -- sections: "Driver Training", "Mistakes to Avoid", "Taking the Sting out of Conversion Price", "Inside Controls", and "Resources". url: http://www.mdausa.org/publications/Quest/q41vehicle.html 
COACH -- A comprehensive, searchable database of transportation training programs that enable riders with disabilities to use public transportation. url:   http://www.projectaction.org/coach/index.html
Complete Mobility Systems -- 1915 W Country RD, C, Roseville MN 55113 -- Telephone: 800-788-7479 -- e-mail:  cms1@usinternet.com --  url:  http://completemobility.com/
Driver Rehab Programs - Links to and information on driver rehab programs url: http://http://watap.org.org/
Driver Rehabilitation Services of Seattle -  helps people who have suffered head injuries to regain their driving skills and achieve transportation independence.Telephone: 206-524-4823 email: asfm@w-link.net -- url: http://www.driver-educators.com 
The Equipment Connection Online -- A service of the Kenny Foundation, connects" buyers and sellers of used adaptive equipment. url:  http://comnet.org/kenny/cat_item.html.
Handicapped Vans Inc. --  404 South Chestnut, Champaign, IL,  217-398-1053; Fax: 217-398-1843 -- email: KArms424@cs.com --url:  http://www.handicappedvansinc.com
Kenny Foundation -- Education and advocacy for the mobility impaired.-- 26211 Central Park Blvd., Ste. 100, Southfield, MI 48076 -- Telephone: (800) 237-3422 (Michigan only) - 248-357-0119, Fax: 248-351-2101 -- email: kennyfdn@aol.com -- url:  http://comnet.org/kenny/index.html
Senior Wheels USA -- Provides free, power wheelchairs for seniors who are permanently disabled and unable to self-propel a manual wheelchair, and who are not covered by an HMO. 800-246-6010
Uppertone -- the Unassisted Upperbody Excercise System for Quadriplegics -- url: http://www.gpk.com
Viewpoint Mobility -- manufacture the “VISION” rear entrance lowered floor wheelchair minivan conversion -- url: http://www.viewpointmobility.com

Service Animals
Assistance Dogs International, Inc -- c/o Canine Partners For Life, 334 Faggs Manor Rd. Cochranville, PA 19330,  Telephone:  610- 869-4902.   Setting Standards For The Assistance Dog Industry Since 1987.  The three types of Assistance Dogs are guide dogs for the blind and the visually impaired, hearing dogs for the deaf and hard of hearing and service dogs for the physically disabled and/or mobility impaired.  url: http://www.assistance-dogs-intl.org/
Australian Support Dogs -- P.O. Box 644, Mona Vale N.S.W 2103, Australia, Telephone: 612-9979-6986  Fax:  612-9979-6827; email:  pbennett@asdog.org.au
Canine Companions for Independence -- P.O. Box,  Santa Rosa,  Santa Rosa, CA 95402-0446 Telephone: 707-577-1700 (v);  707-577-1756 (TDD);  email:  info@caninecompanions.org; url: http://www.caninecompanions.org/
Delta Society - National Service Dog Center  -  289 Perimeter Rd E, Renton, WA 98055-1329
Telephone: 800-869-6898 --National Service Dog Center that provides information on various agencies that train and provide service dogs to persons with disabilities to help you evaluate your options and make informed decisions. Education and referral center, offering consultation services, training and testing of volunteers and their companion animals. url http://www.deltasociety.org -- email info@deltasociety.org 
Helping Hands, 1505 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA,  Telephone: 617-787-4419
Helping Hands trains and makes available monkeys to assist people with physical disabilities 
Japan GuideDog Assn. -- Tsujido, Eastcost 2-4-24,  Fujisawa City, Japan,  Telephone: 81-466-35-7524; Fax:  81-466-35-7524; email:  naomif@fin.ne.jp
Scenter Line Kennels - service and seizure alert dog information. url: http://www.nwrain.com/~scenter/assistance.html 
Service and Therapy Dogs  - from Professor Hunt's Dog Page -- A Virtual Lecture on Therapy Dogs. 
url: www.uwsp.edu/psych/dog/Work.htm
Support Dogs -- The John Fisher Center, Trianco House, ThorncliffeParkEstate, Chapeltown, Sheffield, S35 2PH, England  Telephone: 114-257-7997 Fax:  114-257-7997
Therapeutic Riding Centers -- url: http://horses.about.com/cs/therapeuticriding/index.htm?once=true&amp
also see:  SCI Resources

Addiction Services & Resources
Addiction Resource Guide -- PO Box 8612, Tarrytown, NY 10591 -- A directory of addiction treatment facilities for substance abuse and other addictions.  Includes resources for professionals and consumers Telephone: 914-725-5151; Fax: 914-63-.8077 - url: http://www.addictionresourceguide.com/ - 
email: info@addictionresourceguide.com
Moyers on Addiction - PBS online --  Brief description of science behind addiction with some animations of synaptic transmission, dopamine release, and the effects of alcohol, cocaine and opium on release. url:  http://www.pbs.org/wnet/closetohome/home.html 
National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers -- 501 Randolph Drive,  Lititz, PA 17543-9049 Telephones: 717-581-1901 -- fax: 717-581-1902 -- Includes information on services, mission & history, a newsletter, alerts, surveys, and links to other web sites. url:  http://www.naatp.org/  --email: RHunsicker@naatp.org 
National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information -- Dept. of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. url:  http://www.niaaa.nih.gov/
National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors -- This site contains NASADAD news, calendar, publications page, the national prevention network, and links to AOD web sites. url:  http://www.nasadad.org/
National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information -- Dept. of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. url:  http://www.niaaa.nih.gov/
AddictionScience.org -- Is geared to researchers in the neurobiology of addiction, but the site features resources for the layperson  - url:  http://www.AddictionScience.org
European Association for the Treatment of Addiction (UK) -- PO Box 1831, Rubgy Warwickshire, CV21, 2ZF -- Telephone: 01788-536389, Fax: 01788 550152 -- url:http://www.eata.org.uk -- email: secretariat@eata.org.uk
Treatment4Addiction.com  -- substance abuse resource url: http://www.treatment4addiction.com/
Treatment-Centers.net  Drug Rehabilitation --. Extensive resources on addiction and recovery url: http://www.Treatment-Centers.net
USA addiction withdrawal information and assistance project funded by USA Addiction Treatment Partnership. A Florida based non-profit organization URL:http://withdrawal.org/
Addiction Self-Help Groups
Alcoholics Anonymous -- http://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org/
Al-Anon and Alateen  -- http://www.Al-Anon-Alateen.org/
Narcotics Anonymous  --  http://www.na.org 
PREVLINE of the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information offers electronic access to searchable databases and substance abuse prevention materials that pertain to alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. 
url:  http://www.health.org 
Gamblers Anonymous -- P.O. Box 17173, LA, CA 90017,  Telephone: 213-386-8789 - Fax: 213 386-0030  email:  isomain@gamblersanonymous.org.
Recovery Online --  http://www.recovery.org/
Sex Addicts Anonymous  - ISO of SAA -- PO Box 70949, Houston, TX 77270 USA -- Telephone: 800-477-8191,  or 1-713-869-4902 -- url: http://www.sexaa.org/ - info@saa-recovery.org

Advocacy & Resource Organizations 
Adapt -- Disability rights activists organization.  url: http://www.adapt.org 
 American Chronic Pain Association -- P.O. Box 850, Rocklin, CA. 95677  Telephone: 916-632-0922.   Information, referrals  and support groups.   url: http://www.theacpa.org/
The Arc -- National Association of and for persons with mental retardation and related disabilities. Telephone: 301-565-3842 -- url:  http://www.thearc.org - email:  info@thearc.org
Christopher Reeve Spinal Cord Injury and Paralysis Foundation -- Dedicated to curing spinal cord injury by funding innovative research, and improving the quality of life for people 
url: http://www.christopherreeve.org/ 
 Care-givers.com -- Chats, messageboards, newsletter, journal exercises, emotional and spiritual support, choices, healing, opening to love -- url: http://www.care-givers.com/pages/main.shtml
Easter Seals -- url: http://www.easter-seals.org/
 Families USA -- National nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the achievement of high-quality, affordable health and long-term care for all Americans. Working at the national, state and community levels, they have earned a national reputation as an effective voice for health care consumers for over15 years. 
url:  http://www.familiesusa.org 
The Institute on Independent Living -- Information and resources to expand and enhance independent living options for individuals with disabilities. Also offer training materials, technical assistance and information on personal assistance, advocacy, access, legislation and peer support. 
url: http://www.independentliving.org/index.html 
 National Family Caregivers Association  NFCA -- 10400 Connecticut Avenue, Ste 500, Kensington, MD 20895-3944 --Dedicated to making life better for America's family caregivers. 
Telephone: 301-942-6430; Toll Free: 800-896-3650; Fax: 301-942-2302 
National Fathers Network -- Fathers involved in caring for kids, and teens whith chronic illnesses and/or disabilities.  url:  http://www.fathersnetwork.org/ 
National Guardianship Association - Provides educational, training and networking opportunities for guardians and surrogates.  url:  http://www.guardianship.org/ 
Pilot International -- 244 College Street, Macon, GA 31201, telephone: 912-743-7403, 
Fax: 912- 743-2173 -- Established in 1921, Pilot is one of the finest service organizations in the world today. With more than 25,000 adult and youth members, Pilot is making a difference in the lives of people in need. Having nothing to do with aviation, Pilot Clubs sponsor worthwhile service projects to improve the quality of life in their communities. Members volunteer countless hours to programs that help people with brain-related disorders and disabilities--the service focus of Pilot and its Foundation. url: http://www.pilotinternational.org/ 
Protection and Advocacy Systems -- An association that represents federally mandated programs that protect the rights of persons with disabilities. url: ttp://www.protectionandadvocacy.com/ 
TASH -- 29 W. Susquehanna Ave., Ste 210, Baltimore, MD 21204 -- International advocacy association of people with disabilities,  Telephone: 410-828-8274, Fax: 410-828-6706 -- url: http://www.tash.org/ 
Well Spouse Foundation - offers information and support.  url:  http://www.wellspouse.org 
 Senior, Respite, Hospice & Grief Sites
American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) -- is the nation’s leading organization for people age
50 and older. It serves their needs and interests through information and education, advocacy, and community services which are provided by a network of local chapters and experienced volunteers throughout the country. url:  http://www.aarp.org
Driver Rehab Programs - Links to and information on driver rehab programs url: http://watap.org/ 
Graymill -- http://www.graymill.com 
GriefNet  -- http://www.griefnet.org
National Council on Aging --  url: http://www.ncoa.org
The National Senior Citizens Law Center --  advocates nationwide to promote the independence and well-being of low-income elderly individuals, as well as persons with disabilities, with particular emphasis on women and racial and ethnic minorities. url: http://www.nsclc.org
On Our Own Terms: Moyers on Dying -- Produced by Public Affairs Television, Inc. and presented on PBS by Thirteen/WNET New York. TV progra  that addresses end of life issues and concerns. Web site features discussion groups and program transcripts url: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/onourownterms/index.html
Senior Information and Assistance Resources -- Telephone: 206- 448-3110 --
email: srinfo@seniorservices.org -- url: http://www.seniorservices.org
Senior Services - a member of the Healthy Aging Partnership (HAP), a coalition of 27 public and not-for-profit organizations serving seniors and their caregivers in King, Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish counties. Telephone: 1-888-4ELDERS - url:  http://www.4elders.org
Senior Sites -- Source of non-profit housing and services for  seniors. url: http://www.seniorsites.com/
Senior Wheels USA -- Provides free, power wheelchairs for seniors who are permanently disabled and unable to self-propel a manual wheelchair, and who are not covered by an HMO. 800-246-6010

 Human & Professional Services
Academy of Certified Case Managers -- url: http://www.jcaremanagement.com
American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants -- url: http://www.aalnc.org
American Association of Managed Care Nurses -- url: http://www.aamcn.org 
American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners -- url: http://www.aanlcp.org 
American Red Cross -- This site includes information on your local Red Cross, a bulletin board, virtual museum, services, and calendar of events. url:  http://www.redcross.org/index.html
American Occupational Therapy Association  --  url:  http://www.aota.org
American Physical Therapy Association --  Information on chapters, continuing education, governance, government affairs, insurance & member benefits, minority/international affairs, research, and women's initiatives. 
url: http://www.apta.org/
American Speech Language & Hearing Assoc.,  ASHA -- Professional, scientific, and credentialing association for more than 97,000 audiologists, speech-language pathologists, and speech, language, and hearing scientists. url: http://www.asha.org/
Anxiety Disorders Association of America -- 11900 Parklawn DR #100, Rockville, MD 20852-2624
Telephone: 301-231-9350 -- email: AnxDis@adaa.org - url: http://www.adaa.org
Association of Clinicians for the Underserved -- (ACU) Non-profit, multi-disciplinary organization established by National Health Service Corps alumni, providers, and scholars. The mission of the ACU is to improve the health of underserved populations by enhancing the development and support of health care clinicians serving these populations.
Case Management Society of America -- 8201 Cantrell Road, Ste 230, Little Rock, AR  72227
Telephone: 501-225-2229  ·  Fax: 501-221-9068 -- url: http://www.cmsa.org -- email: cmsa@cmsa.org
PDB Enterprises - Case Management and Life Planning Specialists -- url: http://www.pdbenterprises.com
The Disability Advocacy Network for Consumer Empowerment (DANCE) -- a project of Washington Assistive Technology Agency, the Governor's Committee on Disability Issues and Employment, and the Disability Law Project) provides technical assistance and training to attorneys, encourages low cost and pro bono services, and networks attorneys with consumers. Contact the University of WA AT Resource Center for more information. Telephone: 800-214-8731 V/TTY -- url:  http://watap.org/
Disabilityclaims.com -- Created as a resource for disability legal issues it attempts to address the legal concerns of disabled individuals.It also provides many common sense do’s and don’ts in the disability benefit application process. Telephone: 212-297-0700; Fax: 212-297-0730 - 
email: http://www.disabilityclaims.com/ - url: riemer@tiac.net 
Goodwill Industries INC. --  url: http://www.goodwill.org/
InterWork Institute -- Links to rehabilitation and education programs, documents on work and disabilities. url:  http://interwork.sdsu.edu/
LifeStream, Inc. --  Non-profit organization providing a wide range of services for adults with disabilities. url:  http://www.LifeStreaminc.Com/
Mental Health Net -- Self-help resources including symptoms and treatments. Many of these resources are targeted at the lay person, but professionals may find them useful as well. URL: http://mentalhelp.net/
Moore Center Services Region 7 Agency, 132 Titus Ave, Manchester NH 03103-6699 -- Nonprofit Human Services organization serving individuals with developmental disabilities and traumatic brain disorders.
Telephone: 603-688-5423 -- url: http://www.moorecenter.org/
National Academies of Science -- Advisors to the nation on science and engineering and medicine 
url: http://www.nas.edu
Pathfinder Services, Inc. - nonprofit human services agency serving people with disabilities in northern Indiana. url:  http://www.pathfinderservices.org/
RehabNet -- Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital, Salem, NH -- Links to information and resources on rehabilitation. 
RN Case Manager -- url: http://www.rncasemanager.com
United Way of America -- url:  http://www.unitedway.org/
Visiting Nurse Associations of America -- This site includes FAQs, information on selecting agency, getting care, and links to other web sites. url:  http://www.vnaa.org

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