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Decision Making Skills

Perfecting Your Decision Making Skills
  Good decision making skills are important to the success of self-management. The prospect of taking on responsibility for your self-management may seem unsafe and frightening to you especially if you are unaccustomed to taking charge of your life. Training in assertiveness techniques, and goals identification could help build your confidence in such matters. Once you have mastered such techniques you will be able to make sound decisions in matters that effect you, such as your medical and rehabilitation treatment, and other quality of life issues. The Problem Definition Chart, below, presents a set of sound guidelines for you to follow which will reinforce your ability to make sensible and safe decisions. 
Important note. Avoid making decisions when you are tired, hungry, or under stress or pressure of any sort. On such occasions, your ability to make sound decisions might be compromised by such overlaying factors. It is better to take more time to arrive at a decision than to live with the consequences of an ill-advised one. Set a realistic time line for your response and stick to it; or if necessary, renegotiate it. Bottom line, do not allow yourself to be rushed into a decision that you are not prepared to make. Then as usual, before you make your decision, collect and refine essential information concerning the decision or options before you act. 

    To assess your style of problem solving go to the Problem Solving Inventory

Decision Making Chart
  What is the Question,
Issue, or Problem?
Define the Question, 
Issue, or Problem. 
  Do You Have
Information you need 
to make a decision?
Get the Information
You Need
  Do you know what
your options are? 
Identify & Rank
Order Your
Have you faced and
made this same 
decision before?
Weigh and Consider
your options
Was your last
decision sound?
Reviewed and evaluate
what you did:  Weigh 
and consider your 
options carefully
Make Your
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