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Services & Resources on this site reflect the best 
practices in the field of Traumatic Brain Injury

Note Cards 
box of 10 - 4"x6"


Learn About Brain Injury
Brain Injury Types
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Brain Injury Emergency
Brain Injury Glossary
Brain Injury Treatment
Patients Perspective
Brain Injury Costs
Brain Injury FAQ
Spinal Cord Injury
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Concussion in Sports
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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
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Custom Made Hat
of your choice or
value $300

Ginny Ruffner
Renowned Glass Artist
Autographed, inspirational 
Pop-up book chronicling 
the challenges she faced 
in her recovery from a 
massive brain injury. 
Value: Priceless
Minimum bid: $40

Scott Cossu, Windham Hill Recording artist 
was a rising star when 
a head injury temporarily 
derailed his career. 
Now he's back on top 
of his game making 
extraordinary music. 
Value: Priceless $20

Hand enbroidered 
Linen, table cover 
- 30" diameter
Donated by: 
Julia Earp
Value: $200

Chip & cookie Plush Dolls  and 
a Chip & Cookie book
donated by Wally "Famous" Amos
Value: $37.95

More to come