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Virtual Trials: Clinical Trials, information on treatment and support with a focus on new and/or experimental treatments. http://www.virtualtrials.com
Acoustic Neuroma Association - 600 Peachtree Parkway Ste 108, Cumming, GA 30041 --A patient-organized mutual aid group offering national meetings, local support networks, information booklets, public education, research funding, and a quarterly newsletter, Notes. For patients who have experienced acoustic neuroma or other tumors affecting the cranial nerves. 
Phone: 770-205-8211; Fax: 770-205-0239 
email: anausa@aol.com - url: http://anausa.org 
Brain Tumor Information Service  -  (Of the Neuro Information Foundation)
Calls to the center are taken by a nurse clinician and cases are triaged to experts in brain tumors all over the country, and the experts contact the patient's family with their opinions. Contact Person:  G.J. Djohrmann 919 N. Michigan Ave. - Ste 3100,  Chicago, IL 60611 Phone: 312-684-1400 Fax: 312- 280-9475
Treatment of Brain Tumors  -  New York University Medical Center
Tutorials include surgical cases, surgical procedures for brain tumors, and astrocytomas. This site is rarely updated.   http://www.med.nyu.edu/neurosurgery/subspecialty/braintumors.html
American Brain Tumor Association  -  American Brain Tumor Association
 The American Brain Tumor Association is an independent, non-profit organization founded in 1973. Services include over 20 publications which address brain tumors and their treatment; referrals to brain tumor support groups nationwide; a Connections pen-pal program; and a national biennial brain tumor symposium for patients and their families. A tri-annual newsletter, the Message Line, describes research advances. Services are provided without charge to patients and families. Address:  2720 River Rd. - Suite 146 - Des Plaines, IL 60018   Toll Free:  800-886-2282 
Phone: 847- 827-9910  Fax:  847- 827-9918 - email: info@abta.org  -- url: http://www.abta.org
Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States (CBTRUS) -3333 West 47th St., Chicago, IL 60632 -A not-for-profit corporation that collects data onprimary benign and malignant brain tumors into a central database Telephone: 773-579-0021; Fax: 630- 655-1756 --
email: cbtrus@aol.com -- url: http://www.cbtrus.org
Children's Brain Tumor Foundation  - Provides support and education services to families and survivors, and funds scientific research on pediatric brain and spinal cord tumors and their consequences. A parent-to-parent network and a Family Outreach Project bring families together to bridge their isolation. Address:  274 Madison Ave. - Suite 1301, New York, NY 10016., Telephone: 212- 448-9494; Fax: 212- 448-1022  -
url: http:// www.cbtf.org -
T.H.E. Brain Trust -Provides support and education services to families and survivors, 186 Hampshire St, Cambridge, MA 02139-1320 
Telephone: 617-876-2002 -- Fax: 617-876-2332
url: http://www.braintrust.org - email: info@braintrust.org 
Brain Tumor Foundation For Children, Inc. -- Newsletter, referral services, support groups, A/V materials. Address: 1835 Savoy Dr Ste 316, Atlanta, GA 30301. Phone:  770- 458-5554 - Fax: 770- 458-5467   email: btfc@bellsouth.net -- url: http://www.btfcgainc.org/
National Brain Tumor Society - East Coast Office - provides supportive services to brain tumor patients, their families and loved ones, and health professionals who work with brain tumor patients. Address: 124 Watertown Street, Suite 2D, Watertown, MA 02472 -- Phone: 617 924 9997; Toll-free 800 770 8287; Fax: 617 924 9998; Patient Line: 800 934 2873- e-mail: nbtf@braintumor.org
National Brain Tumor Society - West Coast Office - Provides support and education services to families and survivors, and funds scientific research  Address:22 Battery St, Suite 612, San Francisco, CA 94111-5520; Phone: 415 834 9970; Toll free: 800-770-TBTS (8287) --  Fax: 415 834 9980 -- e-mail info@tbts.org -- 
url: http://www.braintumor.org/ 
Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada - 650 Waterloo St, Ste 100, London, Ontario N6B 2R4 Canada - Funds brain tumor research, provides patient and family support services and educates the public. Pediatric and adult patient resource guides and quarterly newsletter. 
Telephone: 519-642-7755; Fax: 519-642-7192 --
email: btfc@BTFC.org -- url: http://www.btfc.org
Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the United States - 315 Ridgefield Ct. - Asheville, NC 28806 - The initial funder of the brain tumor registry, PBTF promotes awareness of brain tumors so increased funding for
laboratory research will be available. Toll free: 800-253-6530; 
Telephone: 828-665-6891 - email: Ride4Kd@IBM.NET
Pituitary Network Association - 223 East Thousand Oaks Blvd #320 Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 -Disseminates information regarding early detection, symptoms, treatments and resources for pituitary tumor patients. Telephone: 805-496-4932; Fax: 805-557-1161 - 
url: http://www.pituitary.com


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