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From The Ashes:
A Brain Injury Survivor's Guide
   More than just a bump on the head!  Though not always visible and sometimes seemingly minor, head injury is complex. It can 
cause physical, cognitive, social, and vocational changes. In many cases 


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Margaret's Fables
"A collection of delightful short stories 
embedded with lessons to live by. 
A good refresher following brain injury" 
By Martha Marcum, 
mother of  a brain injury survivor 
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recovery becomes a lifelong process of adjustments and accommodations for the individual and the family.

     Depending on the extent and location of the injury, impairments caused by a brain injury can vary widely. The irony of mild brain  injuries (also known as concussions) is that often, such injuries do not even require a hospital stay, yet they result in changes so profound that lives 
are forever changed. 

     Some common impairments include difficulties with memory, mood, and concentration. Others include significant deficits in organizational and reasoning skills, learning, cognitive, and executive functions.

     Recovery from a brain injury can be inconsistent. In many cases gains may be closely followed by setbacks and plateaus. A "plateau" 
is not evidence that functional improvement has ended. Typically plateaus are followed by gains. And as survivors will tell you, inprovements continus life-long. We survivors have learned that improvements are faster and better when accompanied by expert guidance and  
such as  that contained in the publications listed below.Changes in memory and organizational skills after a brain injury makes it difficult to function in complex environments. The publications on this page will provide answers and guidance concerning many of the most puzzling aspects of traumatic brain injury. 

Survivor Publications
From the Ashes, by Constance Miller & Kay Campbell - The first brain injury survivors owners manual. From the Ashes is the book that spawned this site. From the Ashes was originally published in 1987 and revised in 2012. From the Ashes - an enduring resource for survivors, families and professionals serving them. From the Ashes has been widely utilized as an assessment tool by military health 
professionals.  From The Ashes was featured on the Super Bowl XXXIV, pre-game show!!!  01/30/00.  BUY IT HERE, 
BUY IT NOW SUPPORT THE WORK THAT SUPPORTS YOU!. -- http://www.headinjury.com/ashesord.htm 
Captin for Life, autobiography, oF Harry Carson, Legendary Football Hall of Fame linebacker offers high praise for From The Ashes  original BRAIN injury survivor's guide. Featured on the Super Bowl XXXIV, pre-game show!!! 01/30/00. www.harrycarson.com/
Acceptance Groups For Survivors, A Guide for Facilitators. Nancy Bauser, ACSW, Disability Peer Counselor 
url:  http://www.survivoracceptance.com
Academic Recovery After Head Injury, Dinah Russell, and Anita Sharratt - A book for teachers. Charles Thomas Publisher, 1991 
Am I Brain Damaged by Lori Faitel, http://aspiringauthor.yolasite.com/ 
A Matter of Panache - by Debra Sanders, Ed.S, N.C.S.P., Alaska School Psychologist of the Year and brain injury survivor
Awake Again, by Martin Krieg,  Two bike rides across America after two months in a coma, right side paralysis and clinical death. 
A Timeless True Story! url:  http://www.BikeRoute.com/AwakeAgain 
Brain-Damage by Dick Schmelzkopf Overcoming Cognitive Deficit & Creating the New You - 
Brain Injury Advocates: The Emergence of People with Acquired Brain Injury Human and Civil Rights Movement.  https://www.createspace.com/3601205 
Brain Injured and Thriving - Edited by Lora Ross with input from her husband Dave who is thriving after 71 rounds of brain surgery. 
The book first tells Dave's story and how he has survived psychologically.
Brain Injury Guide  --  Brain Injury Guide contains recovery information, articles, and interviews with professionals, survivors, 
care-givers, and family members. 1996 
Brainlash: Maximize Your Recovery from Mild Brain Injury, by Gail L. Denton, Ph.D. ebook:  http://books.google.com/
Brain Injury Rewiring for Loved Ones: A Lifeline to New Connections - by Carolyn Dolen http://www.amazon.com/Brain-Injury-Rewiring-Loved-Ones/dp/1882883713
Callahan Online -- Cutting-edge cartoons by John Callahan, who has tetraplegia. url: http://www.callahanonline.com/
Concussion Recovery: Rebuilding the Injured Brain: Colleen Butler .Also offering workshops brain injury either from a stroke, 
concussion, ABI or TBI., offering practical skills and tools for coping and rebuilding an injured brain.-.http://www.amazon.com Amazon. com
Confronting Traumatic Brain Injury, by William J. Winslade, MD, PhD,  Yale University Press, 1998
Coping with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, Diane Roberts Stoler, EdD and Barbara Albers Hill  - A survivor's how to  book on 
coping with mild brain injury, 1998. url: http://www.drdiane.com
Gifts from the Broken Jar,  by PJ Long, a former psychotherapist who incurred a TBI. 2004
Phone (310) 417-8217  - url: http://www.amazon.com/
Gray Matters - by Heidi Lerner -  A book of poetry, in which she offers an introspective and sometimes humorous view of 
what it is like to suffer a near-fatal blow to the head and live with its complications. Gray Matters.  web   http://www.graymatters4u.com/
I am the Central Park Jogger: A Story of Hope and Possibility, by Trisha E. Meili, who was horribly raped and 
beaten in 1989 now reveals her ordeal-and her identity. 2003 -  http://www.amazon.com/ 
If Only I had a Brain Injury, a TBI Surivror and life coach's guide to chronic fatigue, concussion, Lymen's Disease, 
migraine or other "medical mysteries, By Laura Bruno, M.A., RMT -- url: http://www.ifionlyhadabraininjury.com/
I'll Carry The Fork, by Kara L. Swanson - A first-person account of recovering a life after brain injury. October 1999,  url: http://www.risingstarpress.com/catalog.html#carryfork
It's Not all Black and White - by D Windheim - a book about surviving TBI and living life.  web: http://www.tbilife.com/ 
God Isn't Finished With Me Yet!: Kathy Hughes, Marc McDougan .
Invisible Illnesses and Disabilities, by Sharon E. Smith, - Rebuilding your life by learning to live with a non-terminal, 
life-altering situation. 1999. 
Mainstream Magazine  On-Line  magazine  "for the abled disabled". url: http://www.mainstream-mag.com/
Meditation on Brain Injury, by Mike Strand - Dream Haven Books  --  http://www.dreamhavenbooks.com .
Memory Book - 15 page free  e-book by Paul Whitby, Chartered Clinical Psychologist - url: http://www.memorybook.co.uk/
MY PERSONAL GLITCH: Experiences During Recovery From a Brain Injury -- by  Tommy Beel 
New Mobility Magazine -- For more than 10 years, New Mobility has been the eading magazine dedicated to Disability Culture and 
Lifestyle. Written by and for wheelchair users, New Mobility provides a forum for haring life experience. Telephone: 215- 675-9133 -- 
Fax: 215-675-9376 -- url: NewMobility.com
Objects In Mirror are Closer Than They Appear - by Sol Mogerman, Tells the story of his accident and recovery from brain injury 
in a direct personal manner that draws the reader into the experience.  This story highlights the loss of his self-image as the most 
devastating outcome of his injury. 
Over My head,  by Claudia L. Osborn - A doctor's own story of head injury from the inside looking out, 1998. 
url: http://claudiaosborn.com 
Poem Book: Reflections of a Brain Injury Survivor -- by Dan Windheim - url: http://www.tbilife.com 
Remind Me Why I'm Here: Sifting through Sudden Loss of Memory and Judgment, by Diana Lund -- t my first year with mild 
traumatic brain injury - email: diana@dianalundwriter.com 
Second Life, Second Chance: A Teacher's Chronicle of Despair, Recovery and Triumph. by Anthony Aquan-Assee
web:  http://www.anthonyaquan-assee.com 
STEPPED OFF When will the journey end? story of Steve’s recovery with the help of his wife Carol - http://www.steppedoff.co.uk 
TBI Hell:  Geo Gosling received a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). This book describes some of the trials and tribulations he has had to
endure as a result of the TBI - web - http://itunes.apple.com/US/book/isbn9781598007220 
TBI Purgatory:  http://itunes.apple.com/US/book/isbn9781432758455 

Ragged Edge Magazine -- url: http://www.ragged-edge-mag.com/
The Way Back -- by Jamie Crawford. Observations and experiences (with humour) that I made/went through during the initial stages 
of my recovery. It is intended to help others and their friends/families who are unfortunate enough to find themselves in a similar situation. 
The Back Walking Forward -- a documentary about Eric Michalowski and his family, whose lives were dramatically changed when he sustained a brain injuryhttp://www.backwalkingforward.com
BRAIN INJURY DIALOGUES -- a documentary about living with brain injury. Written and directed by Lyell Davies, City University of New York, and Rick Franklin, a brain injury survivor of 17 years. -- http://www.braininjurydialogues.org
COMA. HBO Documentary Film, directed by Academy Award Nominated filmmaker Liz Garbus, follows 18 months in the lives of 4 TBI patients at a cutting edge long-term rehabilitation facility.--  http://comadocumentary.org/thefilm.html
Magical Beasts Investigation Unit by  Scott Wilcox - DOA due to a bike vs truck collisionon in 1983 at 10 years of age Scott embarks on a fantastic adventure -- http://www.publishedauthors.net/ScottCWilcox/ 

Family Publications
Challenge Me! TM  Mobility Activity Cards - Amanda Elliott, Illustrated by David Kemp - illustrated full-colour cards, facilitate rehab of children with neurological disorders and developmental disabilities -- Tel: (+44) 020 7833 2307 Fax: (+44) 020 7837 2917 email: post@jkp.com - US Tel: Toll free 1- 866-416-1078 
web:  http://www.jkp.com/catalogue/book/9781843104971 
Coming Home: Discharge Manual for Families of Persons with a Brain Injury, by Dana S. DeBoskey, Ph.D., Ed., HDI Publishers,  P. O. Box 131401, Houston TX 77219, Telephone: 800-321-7037
Daño cerebral: Guía para familares y cuidadores, by José León-Carrión, HDI Publishers, P. O. Box 131401, Houston TX 77219, Telephone: 800-321-7037
Educating Families: A Guide to Medical, Cognitive & Social Issues, by D. DeBoskey, J. Hecht and C. Calub, Aspen Publishers, Inc., 200 Orchard Ridge Drive, Gaithersburg MD 20878
Hold My Hand, by Glenys Carl --  son Scott suffered a traumatic head injury and was not expected to live -- http://www.glenyscarl.com/ 
Innovative Speech Therapy is dedicated toward offering unique effective speech therapy for children and adults and online coaching and training for professionals and caregivers. 
web: http://www.innovativespeech.com/
IT ONLY TOOK A MOMENT by Regina Venturella - recounts granddaughter's accident and 'miraculous' recovery -- http://.www.post-gazette.com/
The Gorp's Gift - Created in 1996 by Sherri Chessen, a former Romper Room teacher on TV, and artist Dale Johnson, url: http://www.thegorp.com/
Pediatric Brain Injury: The Case of the Very Young Child, by C. Sellars, C. Vegter and S. Ellerbusch, HDI Publishers, P. O. Box 131401, Houston TX 77219
Second Chance to Live. Traumatic brain injury and survivor Craig J. Phillips shar's his story of  hope in the face of adversity following a catastropic brain injury 1967 at 10 years of age. Although he was not expected to live the night of the accident  he graduated high school and  earned a BA  degree Ultimately. he was awarded a  graduate degree is in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky in 1990. http://secondchancetolive.wordpress.com/
Second Life, Second Chance: A Teacher's Chronicle of Despair, Recovery and Triumph,  by Anthony Aquan-Assee.  url: http://www.anthonyaquan-assee.com 
Sexuality After Brain Injury, by David Strauss, Ph.D., 2002, Corrects myths about sexuality among persons with disabilities. Identifies how changes in inhibition, communication, physical abilities and cognition after brain injury can affect sexuality. Gives strategies for caregivers and family members on responding to sexual behaviors. Describes how to teach sexual skills and train staff about sexuality. 
url: http://www.lapublishing.com/ 
Sexuality and the Person with TBI: A Guide for Families, by Ernest Griffith and Sally Lemberg, HDI Publishers,P. O. Box 131401, Houston TX 77219, Telephone: 800-321-7037
Spanish Language titles available from LA publishing.  http://www.lapublishing.com
Susan's Dad: A Child's Story of Head Injury, by Leif E. Leaf, Ph.D.,  Meadowbrook Rehabilitation Group, 2200 Powell Street, Suite 800, Emeryville CA 94608
Teaching Your Child The Language of Social Success, by M. Duke PhD, S. Nowicki PhD, E. Martin MEd, Peachtree Publishers, Ltd., 494 Armour Circle NE, Atlanta GA 30324
The Never Ending Journey, and The Never Ending Journey Continues, and The Never Ending Journey Begins, by  Dayla Maisey -- Three family, self help books.   P.O. Box 569, Okotoks, Alberta, Canada TOL 1T0,  Telephone 403-270-3001  email:  journey@cadvision,.com
Tools for Living Workbook - by J. Lynne Mann, Michael Rossiter - Instructional aids geared to helping para-professionals and core skills workers url:
Unthinkable: A Mother’s Tragedy, Terror and Triumph through a Child’s Traumatic Brain Injury. A Companion for Caregivers. by Unthinkable: A Mother’s Tragedy, Terror and Triumph through a Child’s Traumatic Brain Injury. A Companion for Caregivers -- http://www.DixieCoskie.com .
When a Parent has a brain injury  -   http://www.lapublishing.com
When your teenager is injured  -   http://www.lapublishing.com
When your child is technology-assisted  -  http://www.lapublishing.com
Special Child Magazine -- A free online publication for parents and caregivers of children with special needs.  url: http://www.specialchild.com

A Manual for Managing Special Education for Students with Brain Injury - url: http://www.lapublishing.com/
Access To Higher Education For Students With Disabilities  -- 
url: http://codi.buffalo.edu/graph_based/.legal.cases/.higher.ed
Breaking the Barriers: A Guidebook of Strategies - Strategies for Enhancing Career Mobility, which reviews and analyzes the Advancing Women’s Leadership project of ACE’s Office of Women in Higher Education. 
url:  http://www.acenet.edu/bookstore/index.cfm?pubID=243 
Kansas Board of Education TBI Project - url: http://www.soe.ku.edu/sped/disabilities.html
Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities (1999) - This resource paper guides the student with a disability through the maze of funding options available to help pay for postsecondary study.  In addition to providing an overview of federal and state-based financial aid sources, the paper includes a listing of private, disability-related scholarships, as well as detailed references of resources in print and on the Internet. First copy is FREE; contact the HEATH Resource Center for pricing on bulk orders.-url: http://www.acenet.edu/bookstore/home.html#sd
How to Choose a College: Guide for the Student with a Disability (1997)    This guide offers the student with a disability an organized approach to deciding what college to attend. The booklet emphasizes the importance of considering not only the strength or breadth of disability support services available, but also the academic goals and personal preferences and interests of the applicant. First copy is FREE; contact the HEATH Resource Center for pricing on bulk orders. -- url:  http://www.acenet.edu/bookstore/home.html#sd
Getting Ready for College: Advising High School Students with Learning Disabilities (1995)  This resource paper offers guidance to the student with a learning disability who is considering postsecondary study. Topics discussed include an overview of pertinent laws, changes in responsibility for service delivery between high school and college, suggestions to facilitate transition planning and tips for handling the college application process. First copy is FREE; contact the HEATH Resource Center for pricing on bulk orders.- 
url: http://www.heath.gwu.edu/
For additional resources see our Little Red School House Page.

Emergency Medical & General Interest
When Seconds Count - http://www.emhi.com  - an Emergency Medical Treatment Handbook,   published by Emergency Medical Handbooks International
The Guidelines --  A coma protocol called the Guidelines --  http://www.braintrauma.org/
The Alternative Medicine Ratings Guide, by  Steven Bratman, M.D - " If you really want to know which alternative therapies work--and which don't--this book is a must." 
How to Make Insurance Companies Pay Your Claims and What to Do If They Don't - by William M. Shernoff, Ralph Nader, Ruth Chew -- Step-by-step guidance in making a claim and collecting from the insurance companies that refuse to pay legitimate claims.
See our: A Few Good Lawyers page url: http://www.headinjury.com/legalserv.htm

Neurosurgery, Neuropsychology, Neuro-optmology & Rehab Publications
Brain Injury Biomechanics, Dr Catalin Obreja , NTCP@ 211 Rue Robespierre, 93 170 Bagnolet; France -- tel/fax: 33 (0)1 48 58 82 59, url:  http://www.neurostaff.org   - June 2000
Brain Injury and Returning to Employment A Guide for Practitioners, by James Japp -- http://www.jkp.com/catalogue/book/1-84310-292-7/
The Brain That Changes Itself. Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science By Norman Doidge, M.D.-- http://www.normandoidge.com/
Play Hard, Die Young: football dementia, depression and death by : Bennet  I. Omalu, MD, MPH,  Forensic Pathologist/Neuropathologist/Epidemiologist - A very enlightening book on the damaging effects of head injuries in sports especially football. Available at Amazon.com. 
Rehabilitation of the Adult and Child with Traumatic Brain Injury, 3rd Ed.Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation and Research -  Edited by Mitchell Rosenthal, PhD, Ernest R.Griffith, MD, Jeffrey S. Kreutzer, Ph.D., and Brian Pentland, BSc, MB, ChB, FRCP, FRCSLT, includes 33 chapters from a team of 70 experts in the field of traumatic brain injury.
Starting Over: A Survivor's Guide - by Anthony Aquan-Assee -- A resource for a Survivor as well as their family, friends and rehabilitation professionals 
web: http://www.anthonyaquan-assee.com 
Mild Head Injury, by Philip Wrightson and Dorothy Gronwall. Oxford Press, 1999:
Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation, by William V. Padula, OD --      An indepth study of the relationship between head injury and vision disorders. For more information:  contact the Optometric Extension Program, 1921 East Carnegie Ave Ste 3-L, Santa Ana, CA 92705.  Telephone: 714-250-8070; fax: 714-250-8157
Neurosurgery On-Call  -  The American Association of Neurological Surgeons -- Presents hot topics, an outcomes database, bulletin boards, clinical topics, marketplace information, and interesting graphics. Some features are reserved exclusively for members of the AANS, CNS, and Journal subscribers. In order to access these sections, you are required to have a user name and password. Non-members have the opportunity to access the public pages. http://www.neurosurgery.org/
Brain and Mind  -  Silvia Helena Cardoso, Ph.D. Brain and Mind is an electronic magazine published quarterly with the purpose of presenting knowledge about Neuroscience. By using a clear and accessible language the articles are easy to understand, yet still prove interesting. The graphics and formatting of the page are also nicely composed.

Neurosurgery  - University of North CarolinaInternet Grand Rounds  - Neurosurgical Anatomy  --       This site is designed to serve as a source of information for Neurosurgery at UNC, and as a repository of information for Neurosurgical education. This site presents general information about the division, but does it in such a way that it is informative and educational. 

Child Neuro  -  University of Wisconsin-Madison -- A modest listing of Internet resources concerning issues in Child Neurology, both for professionals and patients. Categories include academy sites, disease information, mailing lists, clinical service information, and research information. A brief description is provided for selected resources. Updated frequently.

Neuropsychology Page  -  Medical College of Georgia -- This site is intended to provide information of interest to the practicing clinical neuropsychologist. Although it is supported by the Department of Neurology at the Medical College of Georgia, contributions from all neuropsychologists and related specialties are welcome. Highlights include Wada Testing, assessment information, clinical case examples, and medicolegal applications. Infrequently updated. -- http://www.neuro.mcg.edu/npsy.htm
Mind/Brain Resources  -  Virginia Tech  --    A list of resources that researchers in cognitive science or philosophy of mind might find useful. This page is designed for Philosophy of Mind and Philosophical Psychopathology students at Virginia Tech, but anyone is welcome to use it. http://mind.phil.vt.edu/www/mind.html
Pediatric Neurosurgery  -  Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center --This site is dedicated to providing families with information in "common English" regarding various aspects of the field of pediatric neurosurgery. Topics include Hydrocephalus, Spina Bifida, Chiari Malformation, Tethered Spinal Cord, Syringohydromyelia, Craniofacial Anomalies, Tumors and Trauma. Few outside resources are provided. -- http://cpmcnet.columbia.edu/dept/nsg/PNS/
Sourcebook on Aphasia - Created for patients who have decided to make education and Internet-based research an integral part of the treatment process. Although it gives information useful to doctors, caregivers and other health professionals, it also tells patients where and how to look for information covering virtually all topics related to Aphasia, from the essentials to the most advanced areas of research.
url: http://www.icongrouponline.com/health/Aphasia.html

Brain Injury Articles - Medical Journals
"Forever Different:  Experiences of Living with a Sibling who has a Traumatic Brain Injury."  D. J. Gill and D. L. Wells.  Rehabilitation Nursing, 25 (3): 48-53.
Sosin DM, Sniezek JE, Thurman DJ., Incidence of mild and moderate brain injury in the United States, 1991. Brain Injury, 1996; 10(1):47-54.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Traumatic brain injury--Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Utah, 1990-1993. MMWR, 1997; 46(1):8-11. 
Sosin DM, Sniezek JE, Waxweiler RJ. Trends in death associated with traumatic brain injury, 1979 through 1992: success and failure. JAMA, 1995; 273:1778-1780. 
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Interagency Head Injury Task Force Report. Washington, DC: U.S. department of Health and Human  Services, 1989.
Aitken Brain Trauma Foundation, Guidelines for the Management of Severe Head Injury,  NY 1995.
National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council: Accidental Death and Disability: The Neglected Disease of Modern Society. Washington, DC, National Academy of Sciences, 1966.
Baxt WG, Moody P: The impact of advanced prehospital care on the mortality of severely brain-injured patients. J Trauma 27:365-369, 1987.
United States Department of Transportation - National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), 1998. 
Clawson J: Telephone treatment protocols. J Emerg Med Serv:11:43-47, 1986.
The Journal of Emergency Care, Rescue and Transportation: State and Province Survey 1997. Volume 26, Number 12, December 1997.
Eichorn J: Prevention of intraoperative anesthesia and related severe injury through safety monitoring. Anesthesiology:70:573-577, 1989. 
Klauber, M.R., et al. The Epidemiology of Head Injury: A Prospective Study of an Entire Community - San Diego County, California, 1978. Amer J of Epidemiology: 113, No. 5, 500-509, 1981. 
AMA: Office of Quality Insurance & Health Care Organizations Attributes to Guideline Development of Practice Parameters. AMA; Chicago, IL, 1990. 
Central Autonomic Dysfunction Following Acquired Brain Injury in Children -- by Linda E. Krach, MD; Robert L. Kriel, MD; William F. Morris, DO; Bonnie L. Warhol, MD; and Michael G. Luxenberg, PhD Published in J Neuro Rehab, Vol 7, No. 1 © 1997 Demos Vermande
Late Improvements in Mobility After Acquired Brain Injuries in Children -- by Paula J. Vander Schaaf, OTR; Robert L. Kriel, MD; Linda E. Krach, MD; and Michael G. Luxenberg, PhD Published in Pediatric Neurology Vol. 16 No. 4 pages 306–310
Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries in Children -- by Robert L. Kriel, MD and Linda E. Krach, MD, Published in Current Management in Child Neurology, pp 302–307 -- 1999 Bernard L. Maria 
also see our: Scientific Journals Page

Head Injury Hotline:  Providing Difficult to Find Information about Head Injury Since 1985
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