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Journals, Publications and Research Papers 

Applied Intelligence  -  Springer Science+Business Media - Formerly Kluwer Academic Publishers
Publications include:  Journal of Near-Death Studies, Journal of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association, Neuropsychology Review, The Pain Clinic, Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment,  Sexuality and Disability, Substance Abuse. etc., Available: Journal information, Tables of Contents 1995 -  http://www.springer.com/ 

Behavioral & Brain Sciences   -  Cambridge University Press Interdisciplinary journal of "open peer commentary," (...) "target articles" in psychology, neuroscience, behavioral biology, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, linguistics and philosophy.Available: Journal information, Full text articles (Preprints of forthcoming articles) 

Biofeedback  - Assoc for Applied Psychophysiology & Biofeedback
NewsmagazineThe mission of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB) is to advance the development, dissemination, and utilization of knowledge about applied psychophysiology and biofeedback in order to improve health and the quality of life through research, education and practice. Includes current research, news, a media catalog, events, and related links. A very organized layout.Available: Journal information, Tables of Contents 1996 Telephone: 800-477-8892 / 303-422-8436 -- 
Fax: 303-422-8894 -- url: http://www.aapb.org 

Brain  - Oxford University Press
Studies in neurological science are balanced with practical clinical articles, Available: Journal information, Tables of Contents 1996, Abstracts 1996 -  url: http://www.oup.co.uk/jnls/list/brainj/ 

Brain Injury - Taylor and Francis
Covers all aspects of brain injury from basic science, neurological techniques and outcomes to vocational aspects, with studies of rehabilitation and outcome of both patients and their families. Available: Journal information 
url:  http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/default.html 

British Association of Social Workers
 A major publisher of social work journals.  They publish a wide range of books, as well as journals and magazines. Available: Journal information. url: http://www.basw.co.uk/ 

Child Neuropsychology - Swets and Zeitlinger
A Journal on Normal and Abnormal Development in Childhood and Adolescence. Available: Journal information, Tables of Contents 1996, Abstracts 1996  url: http://www.swets.nl/ 

The Clinical Neuropsychologist  - Swets and Zeitlinger
In-depth discussions of matters germane to the concerns of the practicing clinical neuropsychologist. Available: Journal information, Tables of Contents 1996-, Abstracts 1996- 
url:  http://www.swets.nl/ 

Clinical Neuroscience  - Wiley
A review journal devoted to serving as an educational forum and to promoting information exchange among researchers and practitioners in neurobiology, neurology, and psychiatry. Available: Journal information url: http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/cgi-bin/home

Complexity  -  Wiley
A bi-monthly, cross-disciplinary journal focusing on the rapidly expanding science of complex adaptive systems. Available: Journal information, Tables of Contents 1995-, Abstracts 1995- (selected) 
url: http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/cgi-bin/home

Current Opinion in Neurology  -  Rapid Science Publishers
Annual topic oriented reviews that cover trends within the field for busy clinicians. Fee registration for full text in PDF format.
Available: Abstracts 1997-  url: http://www.lrpub.com/

International Journal of Intelligent Systems  -  Wiley 
Is devoted to the systematic development of the theory necessary for the construction of intelligent systems. Available: Journal information 
url: http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/cgi-bin/jhome/36062

Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology  -  Swets and Zeitlinger
Purposes (...) are to (a) publish research on the neuropsychological consequences of brain disease, disorder, and dysfunction, and (b) promote the integration of theories, methods, and research findings in clinical and experimental neuropsychology. Available: Journal information, Tables of Contents 1996-, Abstracts 1996- 

Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience  -  MIT Press
Investigates brain-behavior interaction. Available: Journal information, Abstracts 1994- 
url:  http://mitpress.mit.edu/journal-home.tcl?issn=0898929X 

Journal of Cognitive Rehabilitation  -  NeuroScience Publishers
A specialized magazine containing general interest articles, personal experience articles, research reports and something totally new to the rehab scene at that time, computerized therapy exercises. Available: Journal information, Full text articles (selected)  - 
url: http://www.jofcr.com/enter.php

Journal of Low Vision & Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation - NORA Publishes peer-reviewed original research and clinical reports related to the assessment and treatment of neuro optometric disorders. Available: Journal information -  url: http://www.nora.cc/ 

Journal of Motor Behavior  -  Heldref
Is devoted to an understanding of the basic processes and mechanisms underlying motor control, learning and development. Available: Journal information - url: http://www.heldref.org/

Journal of Neurology  -  Springer Berlin Heidelberg
This journal publishes editorials, ENS reviews, original communications, and letters to the editors. Various articles are available in pdf format. Available: Journal information, Tables of Contents 1996- , Abstracts 1996 - 
url:  http://intl.elsevierhealth.com/cl/

Journal Watch Neurology - from the publishers of The New England Journal of Medicine, Edited and reviewed by more than 80 physicians, JWatch regularly combs 180 medical journals for important findings in Neurology. - url: http://neurology.jwatch.org/ 

Neurology Network Commentary  -  Churchill Livingstone
Neurology Network Commentary is the most convenient way to keep at the forefront of the field. It brings you quick, manageable, customized access to an enormous range of material. Each bimonthly issue brings you the most relevant, practice-applicable articles on neurology compiled from general medicine, subspecialty, and basic science periodicials. The 15-20 commentaries in each outstanding issue are written by one of the associate editors, placing the study in context, citing other relevant literature, and discussing its practical implications. Available: Journal information, Tables of Contents 1997- 
url:  http://www.churchillmed.com/Online/NeuroNet/jHome.html 

Neuropsychobiology  -  Karger
Features original and fundamental data on the relationship between neurophysiology, neurochemistry, neuroendocrinology, genetics and between normal and abnormal behavior. Available: Journal information, Tables of Contents 1996- 

Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences  -  Blackwell Science
Publishes original works in all fields of psychiatry and related neurosciences. Available: Journal information 


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