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Drowning Prevention & Resources


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Vital information to help parents and children prevent the tragedy of drowning. 
  • Do You Know the Facts? 
  • Drowning is the second leading cause of injury death among children.
  • Infants and young children can drown in as little as two inches of water. 
  • Very young children drown most often in swimming pools. Most child and teen drownings happen in lakes, rivers, streams and ponds. 85% of all boating related deaths are preventable through use of life vests.

  • Drowning Prevention Resources
    Aquatics Safety & Water Rescue, Lifesaving Resources, Aquatic Emergencies Management Seminars and bulletin board --  PO Box 905, Harrisville, NH 03450, Telephone: 603-827-4139 -- 
    url: http://www.lifesaving.com 
    Drainsafe - A Swimming Pool Suction Safety Corporation Telephone: 561-433-2580 
    url: http://www.drainsafe.com; email::ron@drainsafe.com 
    Drowning Fact Sheet - National Center for Injury Prevention and Control 
    Drowning and Near Drowning --  medical information -- 
    url: http://www.drugbase.co.za/data/med_info/drowning.htm
    Drowning Prevention Safety  - This is the web site for the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Central Arizona. Full of very informative tips and facts about the risks of child drowning. Although some info pertains to Arizona, most of it is useful for all parents. url: http://www.preventdrowning.com -- 
    email:  info@preventdrowning.com
    Drowning Prevention Project  -- Children's Medical Center, Seattle WA Telephone: 206-526-2000 -- url:  http://www.seattlechildrens.org/dp/main.htm
    Foundation for Aquatic Injury Prevention (FAIP) -- The Foundation for Aquatic Injury Prevention (FAIP), a non-profit educational organization dedicated to reducing the number of diving injuries, drownings and near drownings. FAIP is comprised of victims, their families and others dedicated to the prevention of tragedy in the water. FAIP is engaged in a variety of activities throughout the United States, including education, legislation, and support for victims and families. url: http://www.aquaticisf.org
    Hope & Understanding for God's Special Children (HUGS) -- PO Box 141108, Toledo, OH 43614 - Offers support and encouragement to families - url: http://www.hugsfoundation.org/ 
    National Youth Sports Safety Foundation --  url:  http://www.nyssf.org/
    Parent to Parent Connection - 654 Riviere Rd.,  Palm Harbor, Fl. 34683  Newsletter for parents of near drowning childern -  http://members.aol.com/neardrown/ -- email:  deibern@juno.com
    The Sibling Support Project  -- A place for brothers and sisters of children with special needs. Use this site to find a Sibshop support group near where you live, join a listserv or find books and newsletters. 
    url: http://www.chmc.org/departmt/sibsupp/default.htm
    Vac-Alert - Pool and spa safety product to reduce the risk of drain entrapment! Category: Child/Household Safety url:  http://www.vac-alert.com/
    Water Safety - Water Safety information, advice and resources for parents, kids and teachers.
    url:  http://www.watersafety.org.uk
    Compassionate Friends - Grief Counseling -- url:  http://www.compassionatefriends.org/
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