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"From The Ashes" 
A Brain Injury Survivor's Guide 

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Learn About Brain Injury
Brain Injury Types
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Brain Injury Emergency
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Brain Injury Treatment -  Mild
Patients Perspective
Brain Injury Costs
Brain Injury FAQ
Concussion FAQ 
A Growing Cause of Brain Injuries
Concussion in Sports 
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Spinal Cord Injury
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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
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Learn About Brain Injury
     Brain Injury Resource Center is the place to find links to information on brain injury.  While it was designed primarily for traumatic brain injury it contains information relevant to many types of brain injuries. Items in this library will help you to identify and pursue your goals as they relate to brain injury.  

     It was designed to empower you to  identify services, and resources specific to your particular needs and objectives.  Additionally, it will help you to formulate, evaluate and implement, goal directed action plans. 

Brain Injury Facts & Figures
Brain InjuryAn introduction for the novice.  What is brain injury, what are its causes, and what types of impairments result from it.
Brain Injury Glossary Definitions for commonly used medical terms
Brain Injury Checklist Includes more than 100 common impairments in the ability to think, do, and know that are caused by  brain injury.
Brain Injury FAQ Frequently asked questions concerning brain injury and changes in behavior.
Brain Map: Illustration of the brain and its functions.
Brain Injury Costs Compares the costs of Traumatic Brain Injury with the costs of other leading causes of death and disability
Brain Injury Facts:  Facts concerning this  leading cause of death and disability from the National Institutes of Health, published October 1998. - out of print order your copy here

Links to Programs, Support Groups and Resources
This section of the library is where you will find information on and links to brain injury organizations and support groups.
    Brain Tumors:  Resources and links to programs and support groups.
    Brain Injury Database:  Model Systems Project funded by federal dollars collects  medical, psychosocial and demographic data while individuals are hospitalized and also through annual interviews or evaluations. The data allow specific research questions to be answered from a national sample. 
    2001 Brain Injury Support Fund, Inc:  Founded in 1995 a tbi survivor provides financial and emotional support to needy brain injury survivors.  Giving limited to New Hampshire residents.
    Brain Injury Support Groups:  Resources and links to programs and services.
    Brain Injury Society:  Resources and links to programs and support groups.
    Chat Groups:  Links to TBI, ABI, SCI, chat groups. 
    Check-out Your DoctorLinks to and information on accreditation
    Coma:   Resources and links to programs and support groups
    Concussion In Sports:  Links to and resources concerning concussion in sports. 
    Disability Resources: Links to and information on disability resources including addiction services and resources, driver rehab programs, personal mobility and air transit, as well as assistive and augmentative devices
    Electric Shock and Lightening Strike:  Information on resources for this poorly appreciated injury.
    Encephalitis Support Groups:  Information and support for this rare disorder.
    Epilepsy - Seizure: Information on resources for this poorly appreciated disorder that is commonly associated with traumatic brain injury.
    Family Caregiver Alliance Offers  information and support to families of persons with traumatic brain injury.
    Family Resources:  This page contains resources for families.
    Headache:  Links to resources and support groups.
    Health Resources:  Links to general health information sites and resources including links to health departments for all 50 states.
    Headline News:  News and opinion concerning brain injury. Also contains classified ads, a listing of brain injury conferences, seminars and events.  Submissions welcome
    Helmets and Head Gear.  Links to  information and resources. 
    Housing Home & Communities:   Links to  information and resources. 
    Injured Workers:  Links to information and resources. 
    Job Resources and Work Re-entry:   Links to information and resources
    Mailing List:  Subscribe (or unsubscribe) to a free email newsletter telling you about brain injury news as well as changes to this web site.
    Meningitis Foundation of America Inc. 800-668-1129
    National Aphasia Association:  Information, resources, and support.
    National Ataxia Foundation:  Information, resources and support.
    National Parkinson Foundation:  800-327-4545
    Near Drowning:  Information on resources for this poorly appreciated injury.
    Neuro Science & Research Centers:  Listings of neuro rehab, and research centers, and professional organizations.  Most sites permit public access.
    Noteworthy Brain Injury Publications: This is a list of important original articles, and books written in plain English, about brain injury.
    Professional Journals: Listings of neuropsychological journals.  Most sites permit public access. 
    Recovery Awareness FoundationFounded  in 1998 provides technical, emotional, and financial support to caregivers of brain injury survivors. 
    Resources & Services:  National & International - Assistive devices, public libraries, addiction services, transit and personal mobility, service animals, web rings, sports and recreation, human and professional services.
    Resources - Washington: Assistive devices, addiction services, transit and personal mobility, service animals, web rings, sports and recreation, human, senior, and professional services Respite.
    Senior Resources - Links to information and resources
    Service Animals - for the physically disabled and/or mobility impaired.
    Sexuality Links to information and resources 
    Shaken Baby:  Information and resources concerning this major health risk.
    Spanish Language Health Sites:  Information and resources.
    Stroke, Brain Attack, Aneurysm Information on resources for this leading cause of death and disability.
    Spinal Cord Injury: Information on resources for this leading cause of death and disability.
    TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint:  TMJ injuries are common in head injury cases The TMJ Assoc., says  "An injury - either directly to the joint or to the head and neck - can trigger a TMJ problem."  Jaw & facial pain
    Toxic Inhalation Information on resources concerning poorly understood source of brain damage. Huffing
    American Tinnitus Assoc: Ringing in the ears  - Information, resources and support.
    Vestibular Disorders Assoc: Dizziness or Vertigo - Information, resources, and support.
    Vision Disorders: Links to organizations and resources concerning this frequently overlooked disorder caused by traumatic brain injury.
    Well Spouse Foundation -  Offers information and support
    Whiplash Injury Support Group - Offers information and support.

    "...The internet elevates a doctor-patient relationship into a partnership.  ... Patients have been finding ways to be better informed and have been acting as their own best advocates for some time.  ...Doctors generally welcome a more educated patient."        --The New York Times 7/9/98

    We value your Feedback.  We want to know of your experience of our site .  We want to know what you liked about it as well as what you would add to it, and what you would change. 

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