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About Help!
To translate any page on this web site, you may use Babelfish by Alta Vista just by entering the current page into:  http://babelfish.altavista.com
    This site is maintained by: Head Injury Hotline -- a non-profit, 501(C)(3) clearinghouse founded and operated by head injury survivors since 1985.  It is unmatched in its breadth and depth, and still growing.  Thanks to the generous support of our donors and sponsors, this resource is free and open to the public. We are losing one of our old standbys, and we urgently need an infusion of funds to stay alive.  Please help.  Become a donor. Every little bit helps, $5, $10 or $10,000 give what you can to help keep this resource alive and available to you.  Donate that Car and receive a great tax break 

         Our sponsors are a very special breed, they support us even though we equip you with the wherewithal to become wise and weary consumers.  Patronize our sponsors - and tell them you hear about them here. 

Make A Donation: If you feel this site is valuable to you, please show your appreciation by making a donation. A lot of people visit this site, so a small donation - even $5 -can add up fast, which will enable us to expand our programs and services! We have a lot of ideas on the drawing board, just waiting for the resources needed to implement them!

This site, headinjury.com, is  a dynamic, interactive, self-directed learning center.  It is designed to empower visitors to become highly informed, highly involved, self-advocates. Advocacy
Our primary goal is to create stronger wiser head injury patients, survivors, and families. In pursuit of that goal we inform, educate and involve. We  promote self-advocacy, and self-care, centered around collaborative partnerships with family, loved ones, and professional service providers. 
We offer factual, authoritative information on head injury, its causes and treatments.  We provide self-tests, checklists, and strategies to master the challenges of living with brain injury. And, we provide assessment guides to identify qualified, professional services. 
You'll find forums featuring stimulating, enlightening,  and sometimes controversial topics and speakers.  And, you'll find address books, resource directories and kindred souls for chat and support. 

Tips for using this site!
Go to the Library page.  The Library is the hub of the site, every page is linked to it. Library Pages are organized in broad topic headings
Make a habit of checking the Brain Injury News page regularly. It is updated automatically each time you click on it. This is where you will find breaking news about brain injury, what conferences are available, and new drug approvals.
Make this site your 'starting point', so when you surf the internet, this site pops up first! To do so:  first go back to the home page, then on the borrower's menu:
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    If you get stuck, email us, 

Help Us!
Head Injury Hotline provides the content of this web site.  Head Injury Hotline is a IRS, recognized, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt. 
The educational and charitable programs of Head Injury Hotline are made possible by the generous support of individual, and corporate sponsors, and friends.
We welcome inquiries from volunteers  with experience and skills in   research, grants writing, hypertext editing, computers, and basic organizational  management.
We are  seeking institutional and corporate sponsors to help underwrite  both general and  targeted programs for Head Injury Hotline. Such sponsorships would receive prominent acknowledgment on the site, 206-621-8558.
There is no charge for the use of this brain injury information, but if you find this information useful and would like to make a contribution to our project, click here
Sponsors:  Please visit our sponsors' web sites, and if you buy from them or use their services, and tell them you found out about them here! 

Professional Help
Legal Help:    There is a HUGE number of personal injury law firms seeking your business these days.  With so many to choose from the challenge becomes how to choose the right one. We offer the benefit of our considerable wisdom to make it easier to find one suited to your needs. Visit our Lawyer Finder page for a checklist of important qualifications for lawyers in head injury cases 

Browse Our Listings: we maintains a data base of qualified TBI legal services.

Rehab Help:
        Rehab programs, treatments, and research studies.  There are a lot of brain rehabilitation services competing for your business.  The options seem endless, and confusing. Where do you start, how do you choose?  The challenge then becomes how to choose the services  that are right for you. We offer the benefit of our considerable wisdom to make it easier to find services suited to your needs. 
    Browse Our Listings:   headinjury.com maintains an extensive data base brain injury rehabilitation providers.

Brain Injury Organizations  & Support Groups:
Support Groups.  Learn about  brain injury, support groups, and government resources
    Browse Our Listings: headinjury.com maintains an extensive data base brain injury resources.
Self Help Groups

Head Injury Hotline: Providing Difficult to Find Information About Head Injury Since 1985
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