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About:  Health and Consumer Resources  is as a free, public service of Brain Injury Resource Center.  It includes information on consumer oriented medical and rehabilitation organizations.  Many of  these organizations maintain web sites that contain a wealth of information on neurological disorders, general health, and consumer resources.  Some sites allow visitors to post medical questions for doctors. 

    Please be advised that Brain Injury Resource Center is not responsible for the overall content of external sites. The information and resources on the Brain Injury Resource Center web site is for educational purposes only. The information and/or any links on the Brain Injury Resource Center web site should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or a disease. It is intended as and offered as a discussion starter for talks with your doctor. You should not act on, nor rely upon any information on these pages without consulting your health care provider. 

       The inclusion of any resource or link on the Brain Injury Resource Center web site does not imply endorsement

       Click here to check out your doctor or anyone you assume to be a doctor.  You can find out whether a doctor has ever had disciplinary problems with state health authorities by calling your state department of health.  Information on the doctor's license status, number of open and closed complaints and disciplinary history is available upon request. Also, ask for materials concerning the complaint process and the role of the health department's Medical  Quality Assurance Commission. 

Federal Health & Consumer Information
TBI Rehabilitation: The Patient's Perspective,  Transcript of a  statement presented to the National Institutes of  Health, on October 28, 1998, by Constance Miller, on behalf of Brain Injury Resource Center. url:  http://www.headinjury.com/linktbinih.htm
Bureau of the Census (U.S.) -- url:  http://www.census.gov
Campaign Safe & Sober - Safe Driving Tips Motorcycle Helmets: The Facts of Life Safe Communities Success Stories Tribal Communities NHTSA's Kids HomePage Contact Lists Materials Catalog  -- url: http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/
CDC National Prevention Information Network (NPIN) -- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  -- url:  http://www.cdc.gov/
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Program -- FY 2000 Overview - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a complex, debilitating disorder characterized by at least 6 months of severe persistent or relapsing fatigue and.. url: http://www.cdc.gov/
Connecting to Success -- Institute on Community Integration (UAP) University of Minnesota, Pattee Hall, 150 Pillsbury Drive SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455 -- An e-mentoring project sponsored by the the Presidental Task Force. The project sponsors mentoring through technology to assist youth with disabilities to achieve more meaningful and positive post-school outcomes. Telephone: 612-625-7519; Fax: 612-624-9344 - email: ementoring@icimail.coled.umn.edu
Consumer Information Center of the U.S. General Services Administration -- email: catalog.pueblo@gsa.gov
Disability Direct --One stop shopping - Federal disability services and resources --  url: http://disAbility.gov/
FED World -  A one-stop location for the public to locate, order and have delivered to them, U.S. Government information. url:  http://www.fedworld.gov
Food & Drug Administration - (FDA) Government information and resources concerning product and food safety. url: http://www.fda.gov
GovBenefits.gov, A free, one-stop, official government benefits website that helps you find government benefits you may be eligible to receive. url: http://www.govbenefits.gov/
Healthfinder -- US Government run web gateway to consumer health information from various non-commercial sites -- url:  http://www.healthfinder.gov/
Indian Health Service -  An agency of the Public Health Service providing health care to American Indians and Alaska Natives.  url:  http://www.ihs.gov
Federal Health & Consumer Information, cont.
MEDLINE -- National Library of Medicine free public access to published medical information. 
url:  http://www.nlm.nih.gov/
NHIRC Health Data Sites  (National Association of Health Data Organizations) - From the National Health Information Resource Center, an index to health statistics web sites. 
url: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/hsrinfo/hsrsites.html
National Center for Injury Prevention and Control -- Injury Related Web Sites - Search NCIPC Links to organizations. url: http://www.cdc.gov/
National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information -- Dept. of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. url:  http://www.niaaa.nih.gov/
National Council on Disability -- 1331 F Street, N.W., Ste 1050, Washington, DC 20004-1107
Telephone: 202-272-2004 - tdd: 202-272-2074 -- url:  http://www.ncd.gov/
National Domestic Violence Hotline -- (800) 799-SAFE (799-7233) to find out about domestic violence shelters and programs in your area.  url: http://www.usdoj.gov/
The National Guideline Clearinghouse   A public resource for evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. NCG is sponsored by the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research in partnership with the American Medical Association and the American Association of Health Plans. url: http://www.guidelines.gov
National Health Information Center -- Federal health information referral service including toll free numbers for organizations that provide health information and federal health information centers and clearinghouses. url: http://www.health.org
National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities -- Includes disabilities fact sheets, information for parents, bibliographies, student guides, a list of children's books about kids with disabilities. url:  http://www.kidsource.com/NICHCY/index.html - Telephone: 1-800-695-0285 (Voice/TT) - (202) 884-8200 (Voice/TT)
National Institute on Aging  Government information and resources concerning aging. url: http://www.nih.gov/nia
National Institute of Child Health and Human Development - Federal health information centers and clearinghouse.  url: http://www.nichd.nih.gov/
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke - National Institutes of Health , Bethesda, MD 20892 -- url: http://www.ninds.nih.gov
National Injury Information Clearinghouse - Sponsored by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Collects and disseminates information on the causes and prevention of death, injury, and illness associated with consumer products. url:  http://www.cpsc.gov/about/clrnghse.html
National Library of Medicine - publications, research, and special information program -
url: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/
National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped -- Library of Congress's web site which explains the services, answers FAQs, explains the magazine program, and links to lists of braille books and talking books. url: http://lcweb.loc.gov/nls/
National Maternal and Child Health Clearinghouse -- Dept. of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration.  url:  http://www.health.org/
National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC) - 1010 Wayne Avenue, Suite 800, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910-5633 --  Telephone: 301-562-2400; Toll Free: 800-346-2742 -- email: naricinfo@kra.com -  url:  http://www.naric.com/
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - Press releases and articles from this government agency -- url:  http://www.dot.gov/
Office of the U.S. Surgeon General --  http://www.surgeongeneral.gov/
Office of Special Education Programs (OSERS) --  url: http://www.ed.gov/
Social Security Administration --  6401 Security Blvd. Rm. 4100, W. High Rise,  Baltimore, MD 21235 -- Telephone: 410-965-0945 - Toll Free: 800-772-1213 - Fax: 410-965-0696 -- url: http://www.ssa.gov/
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services  -  Contains news, research, consumer information, policy and links to HHS agencies. - url:  http://www.dhhs.gov/

General Health & Consumer Information
Alternative and Complementary Medicine of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, a government agency set up by Congress in 1991 to look into alternative medicine practices and integrate those that work into health and medical care. url: http://www.nih.gov
American Chronic Pain Association -- P.O. Box 850, Rocklin, CA. 95677 - 
Telephone: 916-632-0922.  Information, referrals  and support groups - url: http://www.theacpa.org
Doctor Amen Clinics web siteand books on brain based disorders. url:  http://www.amenclinics.com
DOCTOROZ.COM -- TV Show web site and and books.Great source of information and resources on Alternative / complementary  medicine, practices and healthy lifestyle. url: http://www.doctoroz.com/.
Family Violence Prevention Fund (FVPF) --  works to end domestic violence and help women and children whose lives are devastated by abuse, because every person has the right to live in a home free of violence. url: http://www.fvpf.org/
HandsNet's - 5000 public interest and human services groups working on health issues 5000 public interest and human services groups working on health issues --1990 M Street, NW Ste 550, Washington, DC 20036 Telephone: 202-872-1111; Fax: 202-872-1245 - url:  http://www.handsnet.org  - 
email: training@handsnet.org 
Healthcare Advocates - Advocates for patients dealing with insurance companies  Medicaid and Medicare.  1420 Walnut St Ste 908, Phila, Pa 19102 -- Telephone: 215-735-7711; Fax: 215-735-7737 - url: http://www.healthcareadvocates.com; email: info@healthcareadvocates.com 
Healthtouch  -- Identifies drugs and locates pharmacies online.
url:  http://www.healthtouch.com/level1/menu.htm
How to Make Insurance Companies Pay Your Claims and What to Do If They Don't - by William M. Shernoff, Ralph Nader, Ruth Chew -- Step-by-step guidance in making a claim and collecting from the insurance companies that refuse to pay legitimate claims.
Internet Public Library  -  Web directory set up by librarians. Divided into traditional library areas such as youth, reference, newspapers, periodicals. url: http://www.ipl.org/
The Medicine Program - Provides free Medicine to those who qualify. Established by volunteers dedicated to alleviating the plight of an ever increasing number of patients who cannot afford their prescription medication. Find url: http://www.themedicineprogram.com
Military Network - Provides military news, chat and links. url:  http://www.military-network.com/ 
National Women's Health Information Center -  Provides a gateway to  Federal and other women's health information resources. url:  http://www.4woman.org/
National Women's Health Resource -- Provides a free book on managing your health entitled "Women's Health Journal."   Telephone: 800-771-2741 -- url: http://www.healthywomen.org
New York Online Access to Health -  Resources in English and Spanish on a variety of topics -- 
url: http://www.noah-health.org/
Partnership for a Drug-Free Washington and America  - Learn about Inhalant Abuse, sniffing, huffing, bagging or doing spray, 800-662-9111.  Also: www.projectknow.com 800-788-2800 -- url:  http://www.drugfreeamerica.org
People's Medical Society  America's leading source of consumer health information. 
url: http://www.peoplesmed.org 
The People's Pharmacy - Providing drug and health information to consumers since 1976.
url: http://www.peoplespharmacy/com -- email: askpeoplespharmacy@healthcentral.com
Public Citizen Health Letter -- The Public Citizen Health Research Group,  2000 P St., NW, #610,  Washington, DC 20036 -- A newsletter covering public health issues such as public policy, environmental health, and safer workplaces. url: www.citizen.org/Page.aspx?pid=1116
Quackwatch -- Member of Consumer Federation of America, is a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to combat health-related frauds, myths, fads, and fallacies. url: http://www.quackwatch.com
State Health Departments --Links to health departtments for all 50 states courtesy of WA State Gov.
url:  http://www.doh.wa.gov/Home.aspx
State Inpatient Databases (SID)  -- Inpatient care in hospitals in 22 States, from AHRQ - 
url: http://www.hcup-us.ahrq.gov/sidoverview.jsp
State Libraries -- Developed in cooperation with the American Library Association (ALA) and the Chief Officers of State Library Agencies (COSLA), this page brings together links to state libraries, state library agencies, state library networks, or state library commissions across the United States.
TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. -- TMJ injuries are common to head injury, and are frequently overlooked by doctors.  According to the TMJ Assoc., "An injury - either directly to the joint or to the head and neck - can trigger a TMJ problem." -- P. O. Box 26770, Milwaukee, WI 53226-0770, 
Telephone:  414-259-3223;  Fax: 414-259-8112; email: info@tmj.org -- url: http://www.TMJ.org/
WHO - World Health Organization - WHO reports, policies, and programs. Information on diseases and travel medicine. url:  http://www.who.ch/
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Accreditation - Check-Out Doctors,  Rehab Facilities & Health Orgs
Accreditation Council - develops and measures quality indicators and standards for services for people with disabilities. url:   http://www.accredcouncil.org/
Administrators in Medicine -- This organization posts physician profiles. You can check the background of doctors if your state is one that provides information to this organization. url:  http://www.docboard.org
American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians (ABQAURP) -- Non-profit organization, established in 1977, certifies physicians other health care professionals across the United States in health care quality and management. url: http://www.abqaurp.org/about.html
American Healthcare Accreditation Association -- url: http://www.urac.org 
Association of American Medical Colleges - AAMC news, publications, information for medical school applicants. Links to accredited U.S. and Canadian medical schools, major teaching hospitals, academic and professional societies. url:  http://www.aamc.org/ 
Center for Health Care Rights(CHCR) -- Established in 1984 as the Medicare Advocacy Project, is a non-profit organization dedicated to assuring that consumers receive the health care benefits to which they are entitled, and to increasing consumer protections in the health care system. CHCR promotes consumer quality-of-care protections in health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and other managed care plans.    http://www.evidence.com/
Community Health Accreditation Program, Inc. -- 2000 L Street NW - Suite 500 - Washington, DC 20036 - Telephone: 202-955-3500 -- Consumer information, standards of excellence, quarterly newsletter, and products & services. url: http://www.chapinc.org - email: webmaster@ncqa.org
The Consumer Coalition for Quality Health Care -- 1275 K Street NW, Ste 602, Washington, DC 20005 -- Telephone: 202- 789-3606 -- Fax: 202-898-2389 -- National, non-profit membership organization of consumer groups dedicated to protecting and improving the quality of  health care for all Americans. url:  http://www.consumers.org
The Council on Quality and Leadership -- An international non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the quality of services and supports to people with disabilities. This is accomplished through its accreditation services, training programs, and research division. url: http://www.thecouncil.org
Family Physicians - Founded in 1947, The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) is a national, non-profit medical association of more than 88,000 members (family physicians, family practice residents, and medical students). url:  http://www.aafp.org
Florida Agency for Health Care Administration -- This site provides reports of Florida doctorsí histories of discipline and paid malpractice claims.  url:  http://www.fdhc.state.fl.us/
Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)  -- One Renaissance Blvd, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181-- Telephone: 630-792-5000 - Fax: 630-792-5005 - Provides health care accreditation and related services. url: http:// www.jcaho.org - email: jelb@jcaho.org 
National Association of Insurance Commissioners -- This site includes information on insurance regulators, news, calendar, committee activity, financial data reporting, producer initiatives, white papers and manuals, and products and services -- url:  http://www.naic.org/ 
National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) -- 2000 L Street NW - Ste 500 - Washington, DC 20036 - Assess and reports on the quality of managed care plans, including health maintenance organizations. Telephone: 202-955-3500 -- url: http://www.ncqa.org
National Rehabilitation Information Center --  url:  http://www.naric.com/
Physician Select  -- Physician Select is maintained by the American Medical Association and provides the name, address, education, specialty, and board certification of most U.S. doctors. 
url:  http://www.ama-assn.org
The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission  (CARF) -- 4891 E. Grant Road, Tucson, AZ 85712 -- Provides accreditation for organizations serving people with disabilities and others in need of  rehabilitation.  Voice/TDD  520-325-1044 -- Fax: 520-318-1129 -- url: http://www.carf.org -- 
Email: webmaster@carf.org

Ask A  Doctor...
Ask Dr. Andrew Weil  This site links you to the expert knowledge of Dr. Andrew Weil, a faculty member at the University of Arizona who founded the University's program of integrated medicine, which combines conventional and alternative medicines. url:  http://www.drweil.com
Web MD - Main page leads to several branches of the Web MD site including the consumer site, Web RN, Health Teacher and the member's center. url:  http://www.webmd.com/ Web MD - Main page leads to several branches of the Web MD site including the consumer site, Web RN, Health Teacher and the member's center. url:  http://www.webmd.com/ 

Self-Care,  Self-Help & Reference
Healthworld Online  This site is maintained by Healthgate and provides general information about health-related subjects as well as wellness and self-care. url:  http://www.healthy.net/
Healthgate  This site provides general information about health-related subjects as well as wellness and self-care. url:  http://www.healthgate.com
Medical Books on line  This site allows you to search for medical books. url: http://www.fimb.com/
Merck -- Provides free access to the Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy, a widely used source for general medical information. url: http://www.merck.com/
Self-help Clearinghouse  Provides a source book and an index of self-help support groups and Web sites.
url:  http://mentalhelp.net/
Visiting Nurse Associations of America(VNAA) -- 11 Beacon Street, Ste 910, Boston, MA  02108 Telephone: 617-523-4042; Fax: 617-227-4843 --Created in 1983 freestanding, not-for-profit, community based visiting nurse agencies (VNAs).  url:http://www.vnaa.org -- email:  mailto:vnaa@vnaa.org

The Sexual Health Network -- Providing easy access to sexuality information, education, counseling, therapy, medical attention, and other sexuality resources for people with disability, illness, or other health related problems. Also provides continuing education and training for health professionals and facilitates educational groups for people with disability or illness. -- url:  http://www.sexualhealth.com/
The Association to aid Personal and Sexual Relationships for People with a Disability (SPOD
286 Camden Road, London  N7 0BJ, England -- Tel: +44 (0)171 607 8851 -- Activities: SPOD has a telephone and letter counselling service and may be able to suggest a local counsellor. SPOD also has a wide 
range of publications, including resource and information leaflets. 
The Association for Sexuality Education and Training, ASSET --  A non-profit membership organization of professionals working in the field of human sexuality, ASSET provides training and resources to its members and the community at large. http://www.olywa.net/asset
Sex Addicts Anonymous  - ISO of SAA -- PO Box 70949, Houston, TX 77270 USA -- Telephone: 800-477-8191,  or 1-713-869-4902 -- url: http://www.sexaa.org/ - info@saa-recovery.org
Sexuality After Brain Injury, by David Strauss, Ph.D., 2002, Corrects myths about sexuality among persons with disabilities. Identifies how changes in inhibition, communication, physical abilities and cognition after brain injury can affect sexuality. Gives strategies for caregivers and family members on responding to sexual behaviors. Describes how to teach sexual skills and train staff about sexuality. 
url: http://www.lapublishing.com/ 

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