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   More than just a bump on the head!  A free Seminar. Though not always visible and sometimes seemingly minor, head injury is complex. It can cause physical, cognitive, social, and vocational changes. In many cases recovery becomes a lifelong process of adjustments and accommodations for the individual and the family.

     Depending on the extent and location of the injury, impairments caused by a head injury can vary widely. The irony of mild head injuries is that often, such injuries do not even require a hospital stay, yet they result in changes so profound that lives are forever changed. 

     Some common impairments include difficulties with memory, mood, and concentration. Others include significant deficits in organizational and reasoning skills, learning, cognitive, and executive functions.

     Recovery from a head injury can be inconsistent. In many cases gains may be closely followed by setbacks and plateaus. A "plateau" is not evidence that functional improvement has ended. Typically plateaus are followed by gains.

     Changes in memory and organizational skills after a brain injury makes it difficult to function in complex environments. This Free Seminar is designed to help you understand how daily routines and life in general may be affected by brain injury. Bring your friends and family, meet the experts and learn how to restore reason and stability to your life.

       Next Seminar:  Saturday, May 18, 2002. Reservations required 206-621-8558

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Free Stuff
Center for Computer Redistribution, Inc. -- P.O. Box 70001 Richmond, Virginia 23255 supply free personal computers to disabled persons. Our goals include  and social interaction for the disabled through participation on the Internet.  url: http://www.freepcs.org/
Computer Access Center (CAC) -- Serves people of all ages with disabilities of all kinds and provide a place to try both hardware and software solutions that will allow them to use the computer. 
url: http://www.cac.org/
Computer Loan Program looking for eligible clients! -- EWAT  -- West 606 Sharp, Spokane, WA 99201 --Telephone: (509) 326-8292 (V/TTY), 800-214-8731 V/TTY. 
From the Ashes, Constance Miller & Kay Campbell - The first head injury survivors owners manual.  Written by survivors for survivors Originally published in 1987 revised 1994  - an enduring resources for survivors, families and the professional serving them. http://www.headinjury.com -  Free copies available for support groups.  email requests to:  brain@headinjury.com - As seen on Super Bowl 2000
Indigent Patient Services Inc. IPS - 440 13th Ave. No. - St. Petersburg, Florida 33701 -- Phone: 727.821.7333 Fax: 727.898.0004-- e-mail to: IPSC@Juno.com  IPS Mission Statement --To insure that qualified indigent patients can receive quality  medications necessary to their continued health and well-being.  url:  http://www.gihs.com/ips/index.html
GovBenefits.gov, A free, one-stop, official government benefits website that helps you find government benefits you may be eligible to receive. url:http://www.govbenefits.gov/
The Medicine Program - Provides free Medicine to those who qualify. Established by volunteers dedicated to alleviating the plight of an ever increasing number of patients who cannot afford their prescription medication. Find url: http://www.themedicineprogram.com
Time Tool - Free, web based event scheduling / group collaboration software  tool by HBL Industries -- 
url: http://www.hbltimetool.com/ -- email: imetool@hblindustries.com 
Senior Wheels USA -- Provides free, power wheelchairs for seniors who are permanently disabled and unable to self-propel a manual wheelchair, and who are not covered by an HMO. 800-246-6010

National Institutes of Health  Traumatic Brain Injury  Rehabilitation Consensus Statement, October 1998. Download from the Internet, or request your free copy by toll-free telephone  888-644-2667.

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