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             The resources and services on this page are designed to help you understand a variety of issues surrounding brain injury. It is broken down into areas of life. Each section addresses specific issues and is followed by links to additional information and resources.
          Tips for living with brain injury
  • Avoid high stress activities several hours before bedtime.
  • Allow time for a gradual wake up in the morning
  • Analyze and accommodate your new learning style.
  • The brain is easily fatigued after brain injury. 
  • Build rest breaks into daily activities
  • Create a graduated program of mental and physical exercises
  • Adjust your expectations.
  • Be patient 
  • Slight changes in daily routines can be disorienting
  • Recovery from brain injury is typically a life-long process
  • The up and down cycles of energy and fatigue are frustrating and confusing. 
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Jason Wesson
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Caregiver & Family Resources
   Disclaimer: Please be advised that Brain Injury Resource Center is not responsible for the overall content of external sites. The information and resources on the Brain Injury Resource Center web site is for educational purposes only. The information and/or any links on the Brain Injury Resource Center web site should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or a disease. You should not act on, nor rely upon any information on these pages without consulting your health care provider. 

Addiction Resources -- http://www.headinjury.com/resources.htm#addiction
Couples Therapy with Traumatized Partners - American Association Of Marriage And Family Therapists, Sue Johnson, PhD -- "Present relationships can be a vital part of the healing environment for trauma survivors or they can be part of the problem. . ." 
url: http://www.aamft.org/
Family Caregiver Alliance-- Offers online information and support to families of persons with traumatic brain injury. url: http://www.caregiver.org
Familydoctor.org -- Sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Offers a wide variety of information for parents concerning their children's health and well-being; covering topics such as immunizations, sleep problems, newborn care, and television. url: http://familydoctor.org/
Family Friendly Fun & Special Needs -- Resources offers access to mind, body and spirit- enriching information that enhances the quality and enjoyment of family life with special needs.
url: http://www.family-friendly-fun.com
GriefNet  -- http://www.griefnet.org
How to Make Insurance Companies Pay Your Claims and What to Do If They Don't - by William M. Shernoff, Ralph Nader, Ruth Chew -- Step-by-step guidance in making a claim and collecting from the insurance companies that refuse to pay legitimate claims.
National Domestic Violence Hotline -- (800) 799-SAFE (799-7233) to find out about domestic violence shelters and programs in your area.  url: http://www.usdoj.gov/vawo/newhotline.htm
National Fathers Network -- Provides support and resources to fathers and families of children with developmental disabilities and chronic illness, and the professionals who serve them. The NFN develops support programs; produces curriculum and trainings for health care providers and educators, and a wealth of other innovative resources. url: http://www.fathersnetwork.org
Parenting with a Disability -- Messageboard where parents who have the disability can meet others and share ideas and experiences. This bulletin board is open for topics about how disabled parents manage at home or at work. url: http://www.parentsplace.com/
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Journal - Jay D. Fisher MD FAAP, Editor - Pediatric Emergency Services, University Medical Center, Las Vegas, NV url: http://www.pediatric-emergency.com/headtrauma.htm
National Coalition for Parental Involvement in Education -- Provides a catalog of resources available from all its member organizations. -- url: http://www.ncpie.org/ 
The National Parent Information Network -- cosponsored by the ERIC, Clearinghouses on Elementary and Early Childhood Education and Urban Education, includes extensive articles on parenting, listservs, and links to more than 100 sites on education, health and safety, family issues and interests, and parenting and development of children from infancy to adolescence. url: http://npin.org 
The National PTA -- Learn about PTA education programs and participate in a discussion group, chat room, or bulletin board. The site also includes links to sites of many organizations concerned with children. url: http://www.pta.org/ 
The National Urban League  --  A useful resource for tracking programs and events related to African-American issues. It is a rich reference area for students, parents, teachers and history buffs. 
url: http://www.nul.org 
The Secrets to Getting Disability Benefits -- by Sherri Silesky. How to Survive Emotionally and Financially when Injury or Illness Threatens your Livelihood. Nothing can be more frightening than dealing with ill health, while at the same time, trying to figure out how you will survive financially in your new situation. url: http://www.secrets-to-getting-disability-benefits.com/
Sexuality-- Links to information and resources --url: http://www.headinjury.com/health.htm#sex
Tools for Living Workbook - by J. Lynne Mann, Psychologist and Exe Director, BC Rehabilitation and Recovery Centre- Instructional aids geared to helping those para-professionals and core skills workers whom we professionals often interact with-and wish we could assist.
url: http://www.bcrrc.com/
Well Spouse Foundation -- Information and support -- url:http://www.wellspouse.org 
email: wellspouse@aol.com

Child Resources
  •  Tips on returning to school following head injury -- also see our: Little Red School House 
  • Many children can continue to attend school while they are in treatment.
  • Some rehabilitation centers provide an “education team” who can help prepare the class for your child’s return. School professionals working with your child and preparing classmates can ensure that your child is treated as normally as possible.
  • You can help by educating teachers about the consequences or side effects of brain injury

  • Accommodations in school may be needed:
    • Wheel chair accessibility for classrooms and toilet facilities
    • Special bathroom privileges
    • Playground or gym exemptions or adaptations
    • Opportunities to rest
    • Classroom seating arrangements for hearing, vision or attention problems
    • Homework and test modifications because extra time may be needed
    • Arrangements to take medications during the day
    • Readers, tutors, screen readers and flexible learning and classroom environment may be needed
    Meet with your child’s teacher, before the return to school and on an ongoing basis.
    Advocates for Children of New York, Inc. -- Provides free legal advocacy for children with special educational needs in New York City public schools.--151 W. 30th ST, 5th Fl, New York, NY 10001
    Telephone: 212-947-9779 -- email:info@advocatesforchildren.org
    ASPIRA Association, Inc. -- Highlights its two national parent involvement programs, ASPIRA Parents for Educational Excellence Program (APEX) and Teachers, Organizations, and Parents for Students Program (TOPS). Each program provides a Spanish/English curriculum that strives to empower Latino parents and families. url: http://www.aspira.org/ 
    Learning Disabilities Association of America -- Provides pamphlets, books and makes referrals to local chapters are available -- 4156 Library Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15234 -- Telephone: 412-341-1515 
    Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services -- US Dept of Education - Supports programs and research to help educate children with special needs and to provide rehabilitation for youth and adults with disabilities. -- 330 C St SW,  Switzer Bldg, Wash, DC 20202 -- Telephone: 202-205-5465

    Family-Friendly Places
    American Library Association (ALA) -  For parents and kids. Enables preschool through elementary school children to explore rainbows, black history, castles for kids, award-winning news reported by children for children, the Kids Web Page Hall of Fame, to say nothing of watching dolphins, learning lullabies, and much more. url: http://www.ala.org/gwstemplate.cfm?section=greatwebsites&template=/cfapps/gws/default.cfm
    The Children's Partnership -- Free online guide, "The Parents' Guide to the Information Superhighway: Rules and Tools for Families Online," prepared with the National PTA and the National Urban League. The Children's Partnership, 1351 Third Street Promenade, Ste 206, Santa Monica, CA 90401-1321; Telephone: 310-260-1220. url: http://www.childrenspartnership.org
    Exploratorium -- Puzzle over optical illusions, take memory tests, and conduct experiments, online and off. url: http://www.exploratorium.edu
    Franklin Institute Science Museum -- Offers online exhibits on an array of science and technology topics. url: http://sln.fi.edu
    Hubble Space Telescope -- Views from Space, NASA site  -- url: http://spacelink.nasa.gov.
    Jason Project: -- An interactive exploration of the oceans, on earth and beyond. Puts the thrill of discovery back into the classroom. url: http://www.jasonproject.org
    Library of Congress - 101 Independence Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20540 -- Telephone: 202-707-5000 . Materials and exhibits on topics ranging from ballet to Jelly Roll Morton, Native American flutes to Thomas Jefferson's pasta machine. url: http://www.loc.gov
    NASA's Quest Project -- Adventures in space. Watch Live from Mars, audio and video transmissions of the Pathfinder's explorations. url: http://quest.arc.nasa.gov
    Parents and Children Together Online -- Read stories with your children, let them add to the stories told around the Global Campfire, and find links to other good family sites. 
    url: http://reading.indiana.edu/
    Parents Guide to the Internet -- If you're new to the Internet, you might want to use this online booklet as a tutorial to help you. It is designed to provide basic information about how to use the computer to find information and communicate with others. url: http://www.ed.gov/pubs/parents/internet/message.html
    Public Broadcasting System  - Preschool children can enjoy children's programming here, elementary school children can practice story telling, and teenagers and adults can take telecourses. 
    url: http://www.pbs.org/
    The WELL -- Invites viewers to make their own home page, visit the Kremlin, look inside the human heart, take Socks' special VIP tour of the White House, and make a boat trip around the world. 
    url: http://www.well.com/

    General Reference Sites
    AskERIC -- A free question-answering service provided by the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC), invites people to submit their questions about education, parenting, and child development  for an e-mail response within 2 working days. url: askeric@askeric.org
    Family Education Network -- Offers hundreds of brief articles on parenting, links to local sites, and discussion boards that connect parents with online experts. url: http://www.familyeducation.com
    Internet Public Library: Reference Center -- provides an "ask a question" feature and a teen collection, as well as sections on reference, arts and humanities, science and technology, and education. Sites for Parents and Parent Groups. url: http://www.ipl.org/ref 
    Karolinska Institutet Library - Swedish resource for diseases, disorders and related topics. Designed for consumers, health professionals and researchers. url:  http://www.mic.ki.se/Diseases/index.html
    Magellan -- Uses a rating scale to evaluate parenting sites. To look at the ratings or follow the links, select Reviews, Life & Style, Family, and Parenting. url: http://www.mckinley.com/magellan 
    My Virtual Reference Desk -- Offers dozens of links to dictionaries, encyclopedias, reference/research materials, thesauruses, atlases, sports, entertainment, search engines and much more. 
    url: http://www.refdesk.com 

    Child Health & Special Needs
    American Academy of Family Physicians, AAFP --   The public access section of the website features 250 clearly written patient information handouts on health topics. url: http://www.aafp.org 
    FamilyVillage -- A global community on the Internet for persons with mental retardation and other disabilities, their families, and those that provide them services and support. 
    url: http://www.familyvillage.wisc.edu/
    KidsHealth -- Expert information on children's health for families. Sections for kids, parents, and professionals. url: http://kidshealth.org/
    healthfinder™ -- A gateway consumer health and  human services information web site from the United States government. Healthfinder can lead you to selected online publications, clearinghouses, toll free health information phone numbers, databases and web sites as well as the government agencies and not-for-profit organizations that produce reliable information for the public. url: http://www.healthfinder.gov 
    Mi Pediatra -- A Spanish/English language pediatric health web site from Mexico. Includes nice handouts on topics of interest to parents of children with congenital conditions and chronic illnesses. You will find a newsletter written by specialists from a children's hospital and an "ask an expert" section. Will also link you to other Spanish language sites. url: http://www.mipediatra.com/ 
    Pedinfo -- This is a "meta-site" which puts the  huge volume of pediatric health web information into categories. It is designed for use by pediatricians and other clinical staff, but welcome to others interested in child health. Lists disease specific information alphabetically, subspecialties, publications and institutions. 
    url: http://www.pedinfo.org/
    Project KNOW -- Created to tell the truth about drugs from the perspective of  kids, parents, and experts. Drugs poison the future - sometimes all at once with sudden death and shattered lives, and sometimes a little at a time with lost dreams and wasted promise. The best way to avoid these problems is to "KNOW" the truth about drugs. url: http://www.projectknow.com 
    SAFE KIDS - The National SAFE KIDS Campaign is the first and only national organization dedicated solely to the prevention of unintentional childhood injury-the number one killer of children ages 14 and under. More than 260 State and Local SAFE KIDS Coalitions in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico comprise the Campaign. url: http://www.safekids.org/
    Shaken Baby - http://www.dontshake.com -  National Information, Support and Referral Service on SBS Child Abuse Prevention Center,  801-627-3399.
    Sibshops -- The Sibling Support Project is a friendly place for brothers and sisters of children with special needs. Use this site to find a Sibshop support group near where you live, join a listserv or find books and newsletters. url: http://www.chmc.org/departmt/sibsupp/default.htm
    Web MD - Main page leads to several branches of the Web MD site including the consumer site, Web RN, Health Teacher and the member's center. url:  http://www.webmd.com/ 
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