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Daily Activity Chart

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             This Daily Activity Chart will help you identify activities that you hope to accomplish each day. Prioritize each item according the its importance. Priortize them according to their importance.  Think of them in terms of those things that must be accomplished today, and those which should be accomplished today. Note progress toward the accomplishment of each item. Also indicate any follow-up that might be needed. 

       Use it to record your shopping list, the name of the store and the price you expect to pay. Cross off each item when you have completed it. Note names and phone numbers of individuals with whom you have appointments. It can also be used to record information about future activities and events. 

     Daily Activity Chart below 

     Save your used Daily Activity Charts  and your Daily Journals for tracking and historical purposes.

To  Do Today:
  Date : must do by: due date: date done: follow up needed: 
1. _______________________________________________        
2. _______________________________________________        
3. _______________________________________________        
4. _______________________________________________        
5. _______________________________________________        
6. _______________________________________________        
7. _______________________________________________        
8. _______________________________________________        
9. _______________________________________________        
10. _______________________________________________        
11. _______________________________________________        
12. _______________________________________________        

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