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As You See It...
From The Ashes:
A Brain Injury Survivor's Guide

Instructions:  Regular evaluation of individual in your personal support network is important to the success of your projects and goals. Fair and accurate evaluations will 

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help you to know who to keep and who to replace.  Seeing as how turn about is fair play, allow others to evaluate you: Go to the As Others See You chart.

Donate that car, 
and get a 
tax break, 


Use the chart below to evaluate your support network.

As You See It...
Always Usually Never
1. Pleasant, agreeable, and cooperative, readily accepted my lead or direction.      
2. Listened to instructions and showed understanding of my intentions and desires      
3. Showed up consistently, on time ready and able to get right to work.      
4. Appropriately, supportive and encouraging.      
5. Good appearance, made favorable impression in a variety of settings.      
6. Suggested ways to improve process or structure in a non-pushy way.      
7. Demonstrated patience and tolerance concerning my impairments.      
8. Performance met or exceeded expectations.      
9. Worked persistently toward goal despite opposition, distractions, and setbacks.      
10. Operated vehicle or machinery in safe and responsible manner.      
11. Accept criticism and learn from mistakes.      
12. Recognized key parts to problem or issue.      
13. Generate and/or recognize imaginative or creative solutions to project goals.      
14. Concerned with achieving final results as well as conducting day-to-day activities.      
15. Maintained sense of humor and flexibility.      
16. Anticipate obstacles to achieving goals and identified means to overcome them.      
17. Revise positions when new information suggests a change is needed.      
18. Managed time efficiently.      
19. Works to resolve differences to mutual satisfaction.      
20. Mindful of moral and ethical considerations.      
21. Fulfilled commitment or completed project.      
22. Readily accepted praise and compliments.      
23. Would use again in future.      
Totals each column...      

Assessment Key: You should have been rated Always and Usually on all or almost all of the questions. If you were rated Never on 6 or more questions, the relationship is probably not very productive nor personally satisfying. Consider leadership training. 

The following interventions will help restore skills impaired by brain injury.  Add the following to your tool kit:
Essential Skills
Goal Setting Skills
Assertiveness Quiz

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