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   Our head injury survivor's guidebook
ISBN:  0-9636594-0-5

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From The Ashes  original BRAIN injury survivor's guide. Featured on the Super Bowl XXXIV, pre-game show!!! 01/30/00. 
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From The Ashes: Our Brain Injury Guide  FROM THE ASHES - is the leading brain injury survivor's  guide.  Written by survivors of brain injury for survivors of brain injury. FROM THE ASHES is a 121-page brain injury self-advocacy guide by Constance Miller and Kay Campbell.Designed to increase the independent living skills of igh level functioning  adults,  FROM THE ASHES - offers insights into brain injury and its effects on families and others close to survivors of traumatic brain injury.
  FROM THE ASHES - prepares readers to recognize and understand the life-altering experience of traumatic brain injury. Drawing on factual information from numerous, authoritative sources - FROM THE ASHES - empowers survivors to articulate and manage brain injury impairments.

  FROM THE ASHES - describes the brain and its functioning, and the effects of injury on the brain and behavior. Its easy to read text and helpful hints will increase the self-management skills of the survivor. Its expansive glossary contains 156 entries and covers the most commonly used words and phrases employed by professionals to describe braininjury and its effects. 

  FROM THE ASHES - contains worksheets to help locate and access the right doctor or therapist. It provides flow charts to increase organizational and problem solving skills. Also included are self assessment inventories to measure residual skills and identify brain injury losses. Interspersed throughout the text are tips on ways to recover skills and increase efficiency. 

  FROM THE ASHES - gives balance and perspective to the course of brain injury recovery. FROM THE ASHES - addresses the pain of psychic trauma and spiritual debilitation that follows the loss of self after brain injury.  FROM THE ASHES - suggests ways to create a fulfilling, productive, dignified life  despite brain injury. 

Authors: Constance Miller, M.A., Psychology, and  Kay Campbell, extensive graduate work in psychiatric social work. 

FROM THE ASHES is available from Brain Injury Resource Center -- 206-621-8558.

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"Being a highly involved patient was possible before, but only for the most dedicated, committed people, but, now  all the information is available to anyone with an internet connection." 

  -- Tom Ferguson, MD  -- Founder of Medical Self Care Magazine; Medical Editor of the Millennium Whole-health Catalogue;  Author of Health On-Line, Addison Wesley, 1996

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