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The educational and charitable programs of Head Injury Hotline are made possible by the generous support of its individual and corporate donors and sponsors. 

          Such support is prominently acknowledged in full color banners that display your corporate or personal information.  Every day headinjury.com  reaches thousands of individuals and families seeking help from professionals like you.  Clearly, your presence on  headinjury.com will give you greater access to this unique population. 

        Here's where you'll find information about what you can do to support headinjury.com  and enhance your standing in the eyes of Head Injury Hotline visitors. We have a plan to fit every budget.

  Your support of  headinjury.com makes good business sense.  For more details, contact us by e-mail or at 206-621-8558

    Headinjury.com offers affordable sponsorship opportunities to a broad  range of health, rehabilitation, and legal professionals. We can deliver your corporate information to the consumers you want to reach. Click here for sample listings.  Click here to learn more about sponsorship opportunities. Telephone: 206-621-8558

Effective March 1, 2005. 
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