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      We are a multidisciplinary team trained in traumatic brain injury. Consultants include: individuals with TBI, family members, learning specialists, nurses, paraprofessionals, lawyers, neuropsychologists, and physicians specializing in emergency medicine, and neurology.
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          Our TBI Consulting Team offers consultations, research assistance, case management services, legal services, and in-service training. Our clientele include individuals with brain injuries and their families, government officials, agency heads, educators, medical and legal professionals, social workers. 

          We can help you locate information on the following topics, as well as many others. If you would like a consultation tailored to your information needs, please call 206-621-8558.
  Constance Miller, MA, 
  Psychology - Founder

The People Behind Brain Injury Resource Center
Constance Miller, MA.
Relevant Experience and Expertise:

 Highlights. I am Constance Miller, MA Psychology. The self-help book I wrote on traumatic brain injury (TBI) was featured on Super Bowl XXXIV. The WA TBI Act, HB2055, that I authored in 2006 was passed into law in the following session of the legislature, it provides funding for services and supports for traumatic brain injury. The beauty of it is that it is funded by extra fines on moving violations rather than tax dollars. l occupied a seat on its governing board for its first seven years and retired in 2013

Background. I completed my undergraduate work in social psychology at the University of Washington. My graduate degree in social psychology was undertaken at Goddard-Cambridge Graduate School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Following graduate school I pursued a brief career as an associate professor of women’s studies at the University of Washington. 

Deep Background. I became a traumatic brain injury counselor more than thirty years ago following a motor vehicle collision that left me with permanent impairments from a traumatic brain injury. For ten years after my TBI I worked as a paralegal in a personal injury law firm. I am the founder and managing director of Brain Injury Resource Center. Established in 1985 it is a nationally recognized non-profit advocacy agency and first national resource center for persons with traumatic brain injuries. We provide direct services, such as care coordination and peer counseling. Additional offerings include in-service training, materials and information searches. I have worked at the Resource Center for over 30 years, answering questions and developing useful information on neurotrauma. Our award-winning web site hosts in excess of 1,000,000 (1 million) hits per month.

In 1988 I joined the Survivor’s Council of the National Head Injury Foundation (NKA the Brain Injury Assoc. of America) and helped develop policy and training materials. I have authored two brain injury self-help guidebooks, one of which was featured in the “Concussion” segment of Super Bowl 2000.

I have provided in-service training to emergency room and rehabilitation personnel at numerous medical and rehabilitation centers including: University of Washington Medical Center, Providence Hospital, and Children’s Hospital and Medical Center.  

 Additionally, in 1998 I helped draft the Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Consensus Conference Statement for the National Institutes of Health. In 1996 I helped design new diagnostic and treatment guidelines concerning concussion in sports for the American Academy of Neurology. In 1999 I made presentations to the National Interagency Conference on Traumatic Brain Injury 2000 and 2006. In 2001, I gave a presentation on "Advocacy" at the Annual Member Meeting of the Brain Injury Association of WA. In September 2004, I partnered with Washington Protection and Advocacy to design and present two segments of the UW’s TBI Model Project’s Telehealth Virtual Grand Rounds. 

Recently, I completed a catalogue of TBI resources in Washington for the WA State Department of Social and Health Services. In July 2005 I was appointed to the Washington State TBI Advisory Board. 

 In January 2008 I developed and delivered TBI training to first responders. 

Additionally, my brain injury guide book is being used as a training module for US Airmen being treated for brain trauma.

Performance management consultant. He is a Doctoral Candidate in Educational Leadership from Seattle University.  He has filled an integral role in Head Injury Hotline since its inception in 1983. 

     Over the years, he has generously lent his considerable expertise to the development of our survival guides and instructional materials.  Most recently, he developed a company-wide performance management system for Starbuck’s Coffee Company. 

     In brief, he designs learning systems and tools for personal, career, and organizational development.  His clientele include some of the nation’s leading institutions, agencies, and corporations.
B. PARKER LINDNER, MPA, Communications specialist and video    producer since 1978.  She was awarded a certificate in Broadcast Television Production and a Master’s degree in Public Affairs (MPA) from the University of Washington. 

     Her expertise includes media relations, and distance learning applications such as satellite teleconferencing, interactive video, telecourses and on-line instruction.  She recently created a prototype virtual college for the world wide web.  Her virtual college was supported by grants from the Seattle Community College District and US West Communications. 

Bill Levinger, M.D.
     10 years experience in Family Practice and E.R. medicine, followed by Anesthesia training and Board Certification. Knowledgeable and interested in the care of head injury patients 

     Specializing in pain management and with particular expertise in treating head and neck and back pain

Hugh R. MacMahon, M.D., Neurology
Constance Inkmann, PhD, Neuropsychology
Dawn Mallory

Our Clientele:
ABC News Maury Povich Show
American Academy of Neurology Nashville Banner Newspaper
Brain Injury Assoc, Inc. National Football League
Brain Injury Assoc of Oregon National Hockey League
Brain Injury Assoc of Washington National Institutes of Health
Chicago Tribune
Childrens Orthopedic Hospital New Medico. Brain Injury Rehab
Eastside Mental Health Providence Medical Center
George Washington University Seattle Times Newspaper
KING Broadcasting University of Washington Med Ctr
LA Daily News WA State Nat'l Assoc Social Workers 
LA Times Women's Day Magazine
And many others too numerous to mention

Brain Injury Resource Center: Providing Difficult to Find Information on Brain Injury Since 1985
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