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About Our Sponsors
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      As we approach the 21st Century, headinjury.com has embarked on an innovative funding structure.  Our new approach takes a bit of a departure from traditional, and somewhat unreliable non-profit fund raising. While we still rely on corporate, business and individual support, we now offer quid pro quo to our sponsors and friends.  That is, we now offer prominent acknowledgment of our sponsors and friends on the pages of headinjury.com.

            Our dream is that once this new funding mechanism is firmly in place it will generate sufficient revenues to support the Hotline as well as other survivor lead programs and activities. 

    Headinjury.com offers affordable sponsorship opportunities to a broad  range of health, rehabilitation, and legal professionals. We can deliver your corporate information to the consumers you want to reach. Click here for sample listings.  Click here to learn more about sponsorship opportunities. Telephone: 800-255-4843 or 206-621-8558

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Premier Sponsor:

Nelson Tyler & Langer
Hoge Building 17th Floor
705 Second Ave,  Seattle, Wa 98104 
(206) 623-7520 (voice)  206-622-7068 (fax)
Address # 2:  3300 Maple Valley Hwy
Renton, WA 98058
(206) 255-9698 (voice)
e-mail  attorney@ntl-law.com
URL:   http://www.ntl-law.com

Practice Parameters:Primarily devoted to cases involving traumatic brain  injuries. 
Credentials:Author - "Proving Damages in Minor Head Injury Cases" 
Established:  1975 
Contacts: Michael E. Nelson, Esq., President 

Of Note:   Recent verdicts and settlements in cases involving traumatic brain injury:  $100,000;  $200,000; $500,000 and recent, confidential multi-million dollar settlement of case referred by Head Injury Hotline.

Basic Sponsor Listing:

       206-526-2425(voice & fax)

Education: Law degree, University of Puget Sound 1988 admitted to practice November 1989, Washington. 

Community Service:  Volunteer Attorneys for persons with AIDS 

Employment:  Sole practice special emphasis in personal injury and civil rights law. Clinical faculty - University of Washington School of Nursing; Presenter - Washington State Trial Lawyers Association, November 1993 - "School Nurse Liability Issues" 

Philosophy:  The client always comes first.  My firm gives the best legal representation possible to its clients.  Client input / opinions regarding decisions made are valued by my firm.  Good communication and working relationship between the client and my firm are essential. 

Approach to service:  My firm makes sure that the client is receiving or has received the best medical care possible for their head injury.  If that is not the case, I try to facilitate a transfer to better medical care to minimize the client's damages / injuries.  I make sure that clients are informed and understand the various legal procedures and decisions that occur.  I am aware that many head injury victims have varying degrees of cognitive problems.  Those problems are considered when counseling the client.  My ideal is to work as an attorney-client team to obtain the best possible recovery for the client.


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