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Services & Resources on this site reflect the best practices in the field of Traumatic Brain Injury

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Our Services:
Case Management
In-service training
Individual & Family Consultation
Legal Case Management
Workshops for survivors & Families
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Learn About Brain Injury
Brain Injury Types
Brain Injury Checklist
Brain Injury Emergency
Brain Injury Glossary
Brain Injury Treatment
Patients Perspective
Brain Injury Costs
Brain Injury FAQ
Spinal Cord Injury
Concussion FAQ
Concussion in Sports
Head Gear
Brain Map
Pain Map
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Brain Injury Publications

 Life after brain injury
Getting Started
Essential Skills
Personal Safety Net
Self Assessment
When I Grow up
Daily Journal
Time Management
Loss Self
Found Self
Pop Quiz
Memory Survey
Memory Strategies
Life Events Inventory
Wellness Inventory

Doctors & Rehab Facilities
A Few Good Doctors
Doctor Checklist
Rehab Facilities
Rehab Finder
Rehab Checklist
Brain Injury Rehabilitation

 Advocacy Skills
Advocacy Plan
Advocacy Overview
Action Plan
Assertiveness Skills
Assertiveness Plan
Assertiveness Quiz
Decision Making
Fear of Criticism Test
Goal Analysis
Goal Setting
Problem Solving
As You See It
As Others See You
Educational Rights
System Advocacy
Legal Research

Brain Injury Resource Center Services

Who we are.

We are a group of professionals and advocates that have joined forces to provide educational resources and case manage assistance to individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), their loved ones and the professionals serving them. Learn more about us.

What we do.
We fully understand how even "minor" brain injury can interfere with the ability to manage even simple, routine activities. We believe that early intervention can prevent disabling secondary consequences of brain injury. Our case managers interface with your family, doctor, employer, school, lawyer, and other significant supports so that you can focus on healing. Sliding-scale fees available

How we do it.
We achieve this goal through educational programs, advising, counseling, life skills training, and encouraging positive change in public policy. 
We collect analyze and disseminate information on the nature of TBI, its consequences and effects on the family. Over the years we have developed a wealth of practical information and resources for managing the cognitive and behavioral problems of TBI  Please explore our site and discover all that we have to offer. Sliding-scale fees available

Educational programming is available on a fee-for-service basis to community support programs and organizations

Individual and Family Consultations
Sliding-scale-fee for service is available to people with Traumatic Brain Injuries and their families. Consultations ar provided by our highly trained staff and are specific to your needs and designed to help you reach your rehab goals.

Legal Case Management
We don't practice law; we provide the litigation support that makes your case stronger. Our highly skilled paralegals provide expert anaylsis and case management assistance, expert witness testimony, and high-integrity, science-based literature searches concerning traumatic brain injuries.

Telephone Consultation.
You need to find a residential head injury program in a distant city..... a day treatment program for a behaviorally challenged spouse..... a list of certified adult family homes..... nutritional products for a ventilator dependent patient..... qualified legal counsel...... support groups in your community..... or respite services for harried caregivers. 

    Moreover, you're forced to make difficult decisions concerning matters about which you feel ill-prepared.  Where do you turn? How do you choose?   What's best?  That's easy, your solution is as near as a phone call away. Sliding-scale-fee for service is available -- 206-621-8558

Workshops for survivors of Traumatic Brain Injuries and their families

  • The family and friends of the survivor feel the psychic repercussions of the head injury acutely as well.
  • Caring for an injured family member can be very demanding and result in economic loss and emotional burdens. 
  • Brain Injury can change the very nature of family life; the resultant emotional turmoil can affect the cohesiveness of the family unit. 
  • Typically, the emotional damage is intense, affecting family and friends for years afterward and sometimes leading to the breakup of previously stable family units.

Introduction to Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Concussion Syndrome

Growing Beyond Survival: Symptom Management Tool Kit

Help for caregivers, survivors and family members

Managing Interpersonal Boundaries

The Way of the Journal: A Quick and Easy Jumpstart to Therapeutic Writing

Disorders Co-occurring with Post Concussion Syndrome such as Posttraumatic Stress

Using Substances as Self-Medication for Traumatic Stress

How Interpersonal Boundary Violations Affect Behavior

Helping Brain Injury Survivors Manage Their Symptoms

Brain Injury Resource Center Publications

high-integrity, science-based materials with which to educate lay people and professionals about traumatic brain injuries. Titles include:

Income from our services supports the ongoing educational efforts of Brain Injury Resource Center. To schedule, call 206-621-8558 -- Visa MasterCard, check purchase order

Brain Injury Resource Center: Providing Difficult to Find Information ont Brain Injury Since 1985
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