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About Our Founder

  Constance Miller, MA, Psychology

    When bad things happen to Constance Miller of Seattle, Washington, she blazes a trail through them and then pulls others along behind her. As a career advocate of human rights and accessible health care, Miller has solved her own health problems and helped thousands of others who share the same predicament. 

    When a Dalkon Shield caused her illness and injury, Miller became one of the nation's foremost experts on the Shield and its effects on women's health. Millerís work on behalf of Shield-injured women has been featured in national magazines such as Ms. Essence, and Woman's World.   Miller has assisted thousands of women to recover millions of dollars in compensation for their Dalkon Shield injuries. She staffed a non-profit help line that assisted injured individuals. 

    In 1982, a car accident left her with a "closed-head" brain injury; there was no visible wound, but she was experiencing pain, memory loss, disorientation, visual, sleep and mood disorders. Most physicians told people who were having such symptoms after accidents that they were imagining them. Upon receiving such a diagnosis from her doctor; Miller went into research mode and uncovered the secrets of the changes she recognized in herself. 

    She applied what she learned from her brain injury research and her activism to selecting her doctors and lawyers. Such deliberate and pragmatic partnering led to effective, client-centered rehabilitation program and a gratifying resolution for her injury claim. 

    Miller has put everything she's learned into a self-help guide called From The Ashes. She also created and runs the Brain Injury Resource Center to advise people on the syndrome, on good care providers, on legal options, and on social and career services available to them. Miller also spends a great deal of time educating health care providers and attorneys about closed-head injuries.  Recently, she testified before the U.S. National Institutes of Health concerning  Traumatic Brain Injuury Rehabilitation

   "We are in the early stages of a transformation that will lead to the real practitioners of medicine  --being the lay person in the family, and  in the community--  and  we  health professionals can be coaches and supporters of self-care."
  -- Tom Ferguson, MD
Founder of Medical Self Care Magazine;
Medical Editor of the Millennium Whole-health Catalogue;
Author of Health On-Line, Addison Wesley, 1996

Brain Injury Resource Center: Providing Difficult to Find Information on Brain Injury Since 1985
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